Poundland is selling steak for only £2.50 – and shoppers are all saying the same thing | The Sun

POUNDLAND has come under fire for its 200g rump steaks and customers are all saying the same thing.

The bargain retailer is known for its £1 prices on various items.

The rump steak, which costs, £2.50 is only being sold in certain stores.

Simon Guy posted on Facebook's Extreme Couponing and Bargaining UK group captioning a photo of the steak's with "Rump steaks in Poundland only £2.50."

But customers having been claiming that the steaks don't taste great.

One commenter wrote "Awful, like shoe leather but to be fair it's really difficult to buy decent steak these days."

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Another stated: "Absolutely awful..like leather."

A third even stated: "Don't put this into your body, I beg of you. If you want a steak, invest in it a little bit more. This ain't it."

Another commenter pointed out the price stating: "Should be a pound."

Other Facebook users agreed writing: "If it's Poundland surely everything should be a pound."

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Another pointed out "Poundland has included none £1 things for years."

Other supermarkets sell their steaks at various prices.

Iceland sells a 227g rump steak at £3.65 whilst Sainsbury's sells a 'Big Daddy' rump steak at £5.75.

The Co-op also sells their 227G rump steak at £4.25 whilst Tescos 255G steak is priced at £3.80.

However, Waitrose prices theres at £5.80 for a 0.22KG rump steak and Asda at £6 for an Angus Rump Steak.

Poundland said today that it will cut 1,000 prices to £1 whilst opening 15 more shops.

The retailer has reduced its prices during the cost of living crisis which has seen prices soar due to inflation.

Poundland's prices began to vary in 2019 with items being purchased from 50p to £5.

However, there will still be items priced over £1.

Poundland isn't the only store affected by the cost of living. McDonald's increased the price of their cheeseburger for the first time.

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