Rare Lincoln penny with error sells for $2,027 after bidding war – do you have one in your spare change?

RARE coins are like diamonds in the rough – and those with errors are often worth even more.

In fact, another Lincoln D penny has sold for a whopping $2,027 online.

"Extremely scarce specimen!," the eBay listing for the coin reads in part.

That's because it's a "No D" penny, meaning the signature mintmark is missing.

All 1922 Lincoln pennies were minted in Denver, according to USA Coin Book.

The coin is described by the seller as having "excellent eye appeal".

It racked up an impressive 40 bids during the auction, which ended in August 2021.

In some cases, like the No D penny, a minting error makes coins rarer.

This can be a result of weak coin dies that were used to strike the coins.

Also, well-preserved older coins are considerably rarer, as coins tend to wear down over time and through circulation.

Plenty of pennies and coins have been deemed rare for one reason or another and have sold for a considerable amount.

The Denver Mint

Established by Congress in 1862, the Denver Mint, located in Colorado, produces coins in circulation in addition to commemorative coins authorized by the government.

Coin production began at the Denver Mint in 1906.

In 1972, the mint was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Today, the Denver Mint produces approximately 40million coins per day, and about 70% are pennies.

How do I know if my change is worth more?

Rare coins can hold serious value, especially in the case of error coins.

Check for doubling of words, cracks, or missing elements.

Coins with a low mintage, meaning the number of coins produced is on the lower end of the spectrum, are also of value to collectors.

If you suspect a coin is rare, you can enter the full name and search on eBay, but be sure to select "sold" under listing and change the search to "highest value."

If, in fact, your coin is rare, you can opt to sell it on eBay or through a verified specialist site, like the aforementioned USA Coin Book.

We explain what you need to know about rare and valuable Lincoln penny coins.

Other rare coins that have sold online include a buffalo coin with three legs for $1,400 along with a Flying Eagle cent sold, which sold for $11,128.

We've also rounded up the most valuable error coins.

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