Real Footy podcast: Is there a pattern emerging at Richmond?

Richmond have been plagued by off-field controversies in recent weeks, and their coach highlighted a "shocking lack of discipline" on field in their most recent game, too.

This week on the Real Footy podcast, Michael Gleeson, Jake Niall and Caroline Wilson discuss how the Tigers have handled off-field issues and where their response could have improved. Is it a case of not having the right people in their hub? Are they held to a higher level of scrutiny than some other clubs? Was their initial, poor response a good thing, because it meant the groping incident was properly investigated?

We look at the Western Bulldogs, and where they've gone wrong since their drought-breaking premiership; the Pies, their structural issues and how they haven't been convincing in 2020; and the selection decisions ahead of the Blues, who have some calls to make on their older players.

Meanwhile, there's praise for Port Adelaide, whose push for the flag continues. Their recruiting strategy has shown up other clubs. Can they go all the way in 2020? And will the AFL be thanking them – a team that embraced hub life and plays an attractive brand of football – if they do?

The panel is also discussing the AFL's handling of penalties for staging and the way the holding the ball rule is adjudicated. Has the league dropped the ball – so to speak?

Plus, where the grand final is likely to be held and how the relationship between states could affect the decision, whether it could be played as a home game should a non-Victorian team win the right to host, and how the fixture will be scheduled from 2021.

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