Real life Barbie spends £163k turning home into pink paradise – including pool

A woman has taken her love for Barbie to the extreme, spending hundreds of thousands of pounds transforming her home.

Former lawyer Bruna Barbie, from Curitiba, Paraná in Brazil, was first given the nickname Barbie in school and it has since stuck.

The influencer, whose full name is Bruna Carolina Peres, shares her day-to-day 'pink life' on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube and it has made her an internet sensation.

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On TikTok alone, Bruna is one of the 10 most followed Brazilians, with more than 18.9 million followers on the app.

Her content primarily consists of house tours, where she shows off her bright pink house and lifestyle online, with each upload receiving millions of views.

Bruna's internet fame is all thanks to her dedication to Barbie, with her even going as far as to spend more than £163,000 (about $199,000) on creating her own real-life Barbie dreamhouse.

These days her home is completely pink – including the water in her swimming pool.

The Barbie influence doesn't end there, as her bedroom, bathroom, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils and entire wardrobe are bright pink too.

She even has a pink car, which is the life-sized recreation of the Barbie toy car that Mattel released in 2021.

While many may baulk at the money she has spent, she is able to keep other costs low on a day-to-day basis. This is because brands often send her free pink items, such as clothes, makeup and furniture.

“With my successful work as a digital influencer, I started making a lot of money. Then I saw the possibility of building a house inspired by Barbie and inspired by my pink style,” she said.

“My home is a place where wishes come true, where imagination is transformed into sweet, pink, and unparalleled experiences and where fantasy goes hand in hand with the real world.

“I managed to make one of my dreams come true, having a doll house. That's right, I have a whole pink house.

“I have no idea how much I have spent in total, but at the beginning of the construction and decoration I had already spent more than one million reais (£163,000, $199,000).”

Bruna was already popular before she started her Barbie house but the project saw her popularity sore even more.

While it would be impossible to not draw parallels between Bruna and the popular doll, Bruna says she doesn’t copy her, as she simply uses her for inspiration.

In fact, she previously claimed that she’s pinker than the Barbie doll herself.

She is also influenced by Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Paris Hilton, who wears a lot of pink.

The model and influencer has loved pink ever since she was little but became more enamoured with the colour as a teenager.

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When Bruna's online presence originally continued to grow, she was faced with the tough decision of whether she had to give up her law career.

This was because running her social media was becoming a full-time job and she was struggling to juggle both.

She soon realised that she wanted to continue sharing her passion for pink and her love for Barbie with the world.

And she's never looked back since.


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