Save 25% off this cellulite body lotion that's wowing users

This body care range is wowing customers with its ability to smooth and firm skin after just ONE use (and it’s 25% off right now)

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Shoppers are detailing how one affordable cellulite body care range is helping them tone and moisturise dull, tired and cellulite-prone skin.

The Noughty Booster range starts from just £6.50 and boasts creams, serums, and a body wash with 97 per cent natural ingredients that work to perk up arms, legs, stomach and buttocks.

While cellulite and sagging skin are perfectly normal, this firming body care collection can help leave your limbs hydrated and rejuvenated, and ready for baring more flesh this summer. And the best news? We have a 25 per cent discount code. Just enter BOOSTER25 at checkout.  

The nourishing Stretch Mark Cream helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, contributing to a visible improvement in the skin’s tone, texture and firmness. 

Skin is left moisturised, soft and supple, with stretch marks less likely. 

The current heatwave is causing us all to bare more skin, but if your skin is feeling a little sluggish and in need of some TLC, then Noughty has just the products to prep and prime your limbs. 

The Noughty Booster range is packed full of skin-loving ingredients like caffeine to help firm and tone the skin.

From tummy-tightening serums to anti-cellulite creams and body-boosting body washes, the six-piece range has shoppers shouting from the rooftops. And what’s more, it’s incredibly affordable with prices from just £6.50.

For dull and tired-looking skin, the £9.50 Noughty Body Boosting Serum should be your first port of call.

Shoppers have left glowing five-star reviews for the concentrated serum, raving how the gel texture firms, tones and moisturises dull, cellulite-prone skin.

This is largely thanks to the grapeseed oil that’s loaded with antioxidants and fatty acids to care for skin, while the caffeine constricts blood vessels, helps reduce inflammation and puffiness and helps stimulate blood flow to the skin. 

One wrote: ‘This product really is amazing! I’ve noticed an improvement in my stretch marks and even skin tone already in a few weeks! Definitely buying again!’.

You can now get 25 per cent off Noughty’s affordable skin toning and  firming body care range

If you prefer a lotion texture, then the £8.50 Noughty Body Booster Moisturiser is a winner, also loaded with skin tightening ingredients. 

Firming and moisturising, users love the non-greasy texture reporting how it gives ‘skin a soft glow and soft texture’. One even went as far as to say, ‘my skin has never looked so fresh and soft.’

Ahead of the plunging necklines this summer, the Noughty £14.95 The Booster Decolletage Serum is another popular purchase. 

Loaded with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and niacinamide to brighten and improve the appearance of skin, it helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin.

One user penned how ‘even one application improves the appearance’.

Noughty’s Neck & Décolleté Serum is specifically formulated to nourish the neck and décolleté and delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin

If you want to specifically target stretch marks, then the new to the range The Booster Stretch Mark Cream, is a must-buy. 

The nourishing cream helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, contributing to a visible improvement in the skin’s tone, texture and firmness. 

Plant oils combined with shea butter and coconut oil help to moisturise the skin leaving it soft and supple with stretch marks less likely.

One user wrote: ‘I love this! I’ve been using it on my stretch marks which can sometimes feel a little dry and tender. It’s really light, soothing, and my skin feels much smoother.’ 

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