Sheer T-shirt tricks people into thinking you have a toned body underneath

A Japanese shop has found a way to having a toned-physique – without going to the gym.

And it’s by deception. Excellent.

Online retailer EkoD Works is selling T-shirts designed to create the illusion that the person wearing them has a very toned stomach, perky breasts or a wet T-shirt look.

Weird, we know.

The shirts are designed to look like sheer white fabric draped over a toned stomach and chiseled abs, but they really just use some creative shading on opaque cotton. Just like that, you have an illusion.

The website describes the T-shirt as a ‘delusional mapping T-shirt with faint muscles’ with a cost of ¥3,888 (£28).

It’s designed to create the illusion that the person wearing it has a trim figure and a six-pack, using light-gray shading to look like shadows under sheer fabric.

The online store offers a female version of the deceiving shirt, which is designed to look like sheer fabric over a lace bra.

The shirt also retails for ¥3,888 (£28).

Other pieces of clothing available include a T-shirt that has been designed to look like it is drenched in water.

The shirt, called the ‘Delusion Splash T-shirt,’ is designed to look like wet fabric.

Its design makes the shirt look like it is sticking to the person’s skin as a result of being saturated with water.

The brand suggests washing their T-shirts by hand as the print could be removed if washed incorrectly. Also, ironing a tee on the print side isn’t recommended.

The T-shirt might be the magical answer to attracting eligible romantic partners for the summer.

That’ll need to be a fleeting flirtation, though. If the object of your affections stares a touch too long your fraudulent nature will be revealed.

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