Should you keep the windows closed in hot weather?

Sometimes it can be lovely to keep the windows open and feel a cool breeze flowing through the air. But during the summer, often the air can feel hot and actually make things worse inside.

Temperatures in the UK have been slowly creeping up in recent weeks and most parts of the country will get a good dose of Sun today.

The evening is expected to be warm today so keeping the house cool throughout the day is really important.

The current heat arrival is a mixture of high pressure and warm air from Europe.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Jason Kelly said: “The heat is a result of a mix of home-grown warming due to a high pressure over the southern half of the UK, as well as a south-westerly airflow bringing warm air, which has been over the continent through the week, across the country.”

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The answer to whether to open the windows on a hot day depends on the temperature.

If it is cooler inside than outdoors, then it is best to keep the windows closed to prevent hot air from filtering in.

When it is very hot inside, it is a good idea to keep windows open to let air circulate and cool the room down.

One key factor in whether to open or close your windows depends on which way they face.

Adam Pawson, Head of Digital at Safestyle, explained: “Choosing whether to open your windows or keep them closed depends on their positioning.

“If your windows are south-facing, it is best to close your curtains or blinds, or put the window in the night vent position to allow some air in.

“Whereas, if your windows are north-facing, it’s advised to keep them shut to avoid any hot air coming in.”

Of course, security also comes into the question and windows and doors should only be left open if it is safe to do so.

It is also a good idea to open windows at night time if safe to do so because the air is cooler after sunset.

There’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep but not being able to because of the heat.

Letting in a blast of fresh evening air can help to lower the temperature inside your home before going to bed.

Just remember to close ground floor windows before leaving the house or nodding off.

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How else can I stay cool indoors?

Curtains can also make a room feel hotter, so if you have dark curtains or metal blinds keep these open rather than closed.

Drinking plenty of fluids such as water is essential during hot weather to make sure the body stays hydrated.

Although it can be nice to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in the Sun, alcohol can make you feel dehydrated quickly, so try to limit these.

Those with pets can take extra steps to keep their loyal friends happy in hot weather.

Animals need plenty of clean and fresh water to drink throughout the day to stay hydrated.

They would enjoy a cool place where they can rest away from the Sun to keep their temperature low.

Covering pet food dishes is a good idea too to prevent flies buzzing around and laying eggs on the food.

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