Spoilers: Chloe to betray Pierce after Nicolette's love confession?

There was no way Nicolette (Charlotte ChimeS) was going to hide her feelings for Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) forever in Neighbours, but when she finally drops the l-bomb, will Chloe confess to feeling the same?

When Nicolette first realised she had a thing for Chloe she had no idea she was married or pregnant. Finding out about the marriage didn’t stop her, but learning about the baby – after she’d already moved into Chloe and Pierce’s place to help nurse Chloe’s mum – was a painful blow to the gut.

Nonetheless, Nicolette persevered with the job and has been doing her best to do exactly what she said she’d do. Only problem is her feelings haven’t subsided one little bit, and with Jane (Annie Jones) already well in the know about them, how long before the rest of the people closest to her cotton on?

Chloe is overjoyed with her and Pierce’s (Tim Robbards) CVS results and the first thing she does is tell Nicolette. She’s left puzzled as to why Nicolette doesn’t take the news as well as she’d hoped, and she calls her out on it.

With nowhere to go, Nicolette is forced to spill.

Before the realises it the words are out of her mouth – she loves Chloe. Chloe is left aghast at the revelation, somehow she did not see this coming. Nicolette is mortified and immediately declares that she must move out and find somewhere else. But a level-headed Chloe tells her she’s still needed, she has a job to do and needs to keep it professional.

When a suspicious Pierce finds the two women having their heart to heart he immediately jumps to conclusions, believing something to be going on. He has no idea how close he is to the truth. But surely Chloe will remain loyal, won’t she?

Chloe is playing with fire keeping Nicolette around now that she knows her secret. Will Chloe start to fall for her too?

Scenes air from Monday 21st September on Channel 5.

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