Student posts note to neighbours after hearing them having sex at night

A university student has posted a cheeky note to her neighbours after getting tired of hearing an intimate sound coming from upstairs.

Simran Kandola, who started her first year of university in the UK this year, decided to take the matter into her own hands in a bid to stop her neighbours from having sex.

She shared a now viral video on TikTok, showing her sliding a printed note under a door.

On it, the message read: "We can hear someone in your flat f***ing at night."

Simran then ran downstairs as quick as she could before the door was opened.

The 12-second video has raked in 1.4 million views and many viewers were left in stitches.

One commented: "I love how it's a print-out."

A second appreciated Simran's choice of font on the note, saying: "The only appropriate use of Comic Sans."

Some said they would take it more seriously and suggested that they would "move out the place".

But others disagreed with Simran by pointing out that having sex is a normal social activity in university life.

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"Where else would they do it otherwise? Don't be childish, just leave them alone and let them enjoy themselves," a viewer wrote while another added: "And why do you care so much? Do you think leaving a petty note is going to keep them from f***ing?"

Some suggested that it might be just a prank and Simran actually slid the note under her own door.

Meanwhile, a mum was left with sleepless nights after hearing her neighbours having noisy sex that woke her baby up in the middle of night.

She said the couple's actions even shook her wardrobes in the room.

Elsewhere, a woman has resolved a noise complaint by pinning and punching her housemate in face.

She left him with a bloody nose after being upset he told the landlord about the wild antics.

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