Tattoo addict mum inks butterflies on face and privates for feminine look

A tattoo 'addict' mum decided to get butterflies inked on her body for a 'feminine' look – including one on her privates.

Melissa Sloan, who lives in Wales, is no stranger to the tattoo gun.

The 45-year-old has been getting inked since her early 20s and says she can't get a job because of her body art.

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Despite this, she gets three new designs a week including England flags and marijuana leaves.

But the mum-of-two asked her children what she should get inked next – and they urged her to try more "girlie" designs.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Melissa explained: “I know it’s feminine and it’s out of my league to have butterflies. But my kids said ‘have butterflies’ so I went with the butterflies."

As she pointed to her latest ink on her forehead, Melissa joked: “I’ve had a butterfly land on me today. They [my kids] said where, and I said here.

“If my kids wanted me to go with something different then I would have done. I personally wouldn’t have chosen butterflies but that’s my children.

“I’m not covering my whole face with butterflies but going to work on my chin as I don’t like that as I’ve covered that so many times.

“So the plan is to go with a butterfly."

This isn't the first time Melissa has delved into the more 'girly' tattoo designs.

Before she opted to decorate her face with butterflies, the ink enthusiast saw to her intimate area first.

"Everything is tattooed, even the private parts", she revealed.

"I've got a butterfly down there."

Getting inked three times a week means that Melissa can struggle finding inspiration to add to her huge collection.

She said: “I don’t know what to do on the face next but I might go over them again like a stamp."

“I’ve grown my hair out now and I still wear my wigs, it’s winter time now. In the summer I’ll go bald again.

“I change my mind like the wind.”

Melissa doesn't even have a favourite tattoo as she has so many.

“I just go with it now, there are no favourites anymore. I know I’ll have one tomorrow and that will be my favourite.

“The next day I’ll change my mind and think another one is better.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do when it’s all covered – it’s already halfway done.

“Before my mum passed away in 2020 she said ‘keep doing it, go all the way’, so I’ve got to go all the way.”


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