Teen Mom 2's Briana DeJesus Grilled on Hooking Up with Kailyn Lowry's Ex Chris Lopez

To Kail, she added, "She can kiss my ass."

Briana DeJesus’ relationship with Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez was at the center of some serious drama this season on “Teen Mom 2” — and that drama spilled over into the reunion, where the reality star was grilled on whether they hooked up.

Lowry actually halted filming after she found out Briana agreed to record a podcast with Kailyn’s ex. When Briana went through with it, she and Lopez seemed pretty darn friendly, sparking speculation they did more than just a podcast together.

In a preview of tonight’s new episode, DeJesus said she thought recording with him would be “a good idea” and “just went for it.” Nessa then said she wanted to “clear up some things,” specifically regarding whether she and Lopez had “been intimate.”

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“That story’s so old. Just because I had relations with someone’s ex-husband doesn’t mean I want to do that every single time. I think that’s annoying,” said Briana, referring to her relationship with Lowry’s other ex, Javi Marroquin. “I think that’s played out. I think [Lowry] needs to come up with a better way to try and drag me down because that’s not going to get to me.”

Dr. Drew Pinksy pressed further, noting that the “Teen Mom” fandom wouldn’t be satisfied unless they got a “Yes or no” answer out of her.

“Yes or no to what? If I f—ed Chris? No. But why does that even matter? Why do you guys care? Is that your business? I don’t think so,” she said, getting a little heated. “I don’t think it’s anybody’s business. Not Kail’s business, either. Chris is not her property. So even if I did want to f— Chris, who the f— cares?”

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When Nessa pointed out that the fans care, Briana relented, saying, “I get that, it’s your job.” The host then pointed out how some viewers noticed she also appeared to be wearing one of Lopez’s t-shirts on an Instagram Live at one point.

“First of all, I have a lot of graphic tees, number one. No. 2, there’s tons of ‘Goosebumps’ shirts that I have,” she said, referring to the R.L. Stine books featured on the top. “Me and him literally have the same shirt. Me and him could sit down right here with each other and have the same shirt on and that’s just that. I’m trying to be as transparent and authentic as possible, so bring it on I guess.”

She was lastly asked whether she thought things would ever be “cleared up” between her and Lowry.

“I don’t have no problems with anybody. I don’t think it will ever get cleared up. I don’t care to fix it with her,” she responded. “She doesn’t affect my day to day life, so probably not. She can kiss my ass.”

So, that’s a no?

The “Teen Mom 2” reunion continues Tuesday on MTV.

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