Terraced house on sale for £430,000 in Croydon is just 10ft wide

It’s a bit snug! Three-bedroom end-of-terrace house on sale for £430,000 in Croydon is just 10ft wide – and the kitchen’s the width of a train carriage

  • A narrow three-bedroom terraced house has gone on the market in London where property prices are soaring
  • Property, in Croydon, south London, is on sale for £430,000 – cheaper than average £700,000 in the capital
  • While the 693 sq ft house is incredibly narrow inside, it has been decorated to a good standard 
  • Kitchen measures just 6ft 9in wide, but dining room and bedrooms are wider at  9ft 7in 

A three-bedroom house in Croydon has gone up for sale for a relatively modest £430,000, but the catch is that you’ll have to put up with a very narrow kitchen. 

The 693 sq ft property, at the end of a terrace, is well below the £7000,000 average price in the capital, but it’s a bit of a squeeze at roughly 10ft wide. 

However, despite the fact you might have to turn to the side and shuffle past someone else to make your way through the house, it’s in lovely condition inside.

The chic kitchen is covered with brand new shiny granite worktops, perfect for cooking up a storm – although it’s best not to have too many cooks inside at any one time given the width is just 6ft 9in.

A three-bedroom house in Croydon, at the end of a terrace, has gone up for sale for a relatively modest £430,000, but it’s a bit of a squeeze at just 14ft 4in wide

The kitchen, which has been fitted with shiny black granite worktops, has a lovely look – but it’s probably best for just one person to cook up a storm at a time given the width is just 6ft 9in.

The kitchen leads on to the dining area, which has slightly more space for enteratining at 9ft 7in wide. The home has grey laminate flooring and neutral white walls, allowing whoever the new owner is to put their own stamp on the decor 

When you enter the house, you are immediately in the front room, which has been finished to a good standard and has a quaint reading seat at the window for days when the sun beams through into the room

The dining room, which is adjacent to the kitchen, has enough space to fit a dining table and could be perfect for entertaining with a bit of love and decorative magic

Although the house is largely decorated with a minimalist modern style, the living room still has retro features like an old mantelpiece 

The the first bedroom has plenty of storage in built-in wardrobes, and measures 6ft 9in wide

The main bedroom gets plenty of light and has lots of storage, both in the wardrobes and the nook within the chimney breast

Despite the narrow width of the house, it is fully kitted out with everything it needs and has a functioning bathroom suite 

A second bedroom shows even more storage space with built-in wardrobes and plenty of cupboards – although you might need a stepladder to reach them

Despite the inside of the house being quite narrow, the garden, which needs a little bit of love, is a nice size and perfect for entertaining during the summer

In fact, photos appear to show the kitchen being about the size of a train carriage.

The dining room, which follows on from the kitchen, is also fairly narrow but has more space than the kitchen at 9ft 7in wide – and with a magic touch, could be a lovely little haven. 

But what the 693 sq ft house lacks in width inside, it makes up for it with a lovely family-sized garden, measuring 78ft long, which needs a little bit of work but has lots of potential.

And for those lazy afternoons when the sun beams through the window, the house has a cute eading seat on the window sill of the living room.

The modern family bathroom comes with a shower, toilet and sink with everything looking relatively new.

One bedroom boasts a wall of built-in wardrobes, but with the property coming unfurnished, there’s plenty of opportunity for the new homeowner to put their stamp on the place.

The second bedroom again holds a decent size and comes with plenty of storage. Both rooms are 9ft 7in across.

However, the room heralded as a third bedroom is very much on the small side at 6ft9in wide, but could easily be converted into a nursery or office.

The house is currently on the market for £430,000 with Winkworth Estate Agents. 

There is plenty of space in the garden for planting and installing decking – but it will be a bit of a project

Some rooms within the house are narrower than others, but it has been decorated uniformly throughout and is a blank canvas for someone to take on

The house (pitured left) is at the end of a terrace in a quiet residential road in Croydon

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