Tesco is selling a massive 3litre slow cooker worth £13 for £9 – The Sun

TESCO has slashed the price of its three litre slow cooker from £13 to just £9.

Perfect during the colder months, the electronic hot pot lets you create tasty stews and casseroles for the whole family with little effort.

The slow cooker comes with three settings and a removable ceramic pot and glass lid, so you can easily check on your food.

It was spotted by Facebook page Money Saver Online, which shared the tasty news with fellow shoppers.

One user said: "Have had one for years, I use it all the time."

While another added: "Life saver for when you come in from work."

The handy cookers are available both in stores and on Tesco's website, where they're being sold at a discount until October 30.

They're only available in the bigger Tesco Extra and Superstores across the country though, so use its branch finder tool to find your nearest one.

It could be worth snapping up the cookers as they've achieved an average 4.7 star score out of five in total, based on 340 reviews on Tesco's website.

The deal comes a month after Asda reduced the price of its slow cooker in the same size to £9, but this has since gone up to £13.

You can get more for your money by swapping Asda for Aldi though, which is selling a bigger one with room for 3.5litres for a cheaper £12.99.

If that's still too small for you, Wilko is selling a 6litre slow cooker for £20.

Last year, a woman's genius hack for cooking her full English in a slow cooker went viral.

The Good Housekeeping Institute has also tested 30 slow cookers on the market and found that the best one came in at £40

If you want your slow cooked dinner to be even tastier, there's one thing you should do before throwing the ingredients in the pot.


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