‘The Bachelorette’ Recap: Hannah Calls Out Luke P. & Is Left Confused About Her Feelings For Him

Despite all of her concerns, Hannah just can’t seem to shake her feelings for Luke P. on ‘The Bachelorette’ — and she makes him work HARD to prove he wants to be with her.

The June 11 episode of The Bachelorette picks up with Hannah Brown confronting Luke P. and Luke S. about their beef. She makes them talk it out right in front of her. Luke P. stands by his stance that Luke S. isn’t on the show for the right reasons, and Luke S. is pissed that Luke P. told Hannah lies about him.  Hannah is so frustrated by the fight, that she storms out of the room in the middle of it. Eventually, Chris Harrison steps in and ends the cocktail party, so it’s time to go right to the rose ceremony.

Garrett, Tyler and Jed all already have roses from last week and are safe. A majority of the other guys are sick of Luke P., and hoping Hannah sees through him and sends him home. Before Hannah gives out the roses, Luke S. pulls her aside to chat once again. He apologizes to her and urges her to “keep [her] eyes open” and “be weary.” Then, he makes the decision to send himself home. Hannah gives the remaining roses to: Peter, Connor, Dylan, Dustin, Mike, Kevin, Devin, Grant, and Luke P. That means John Paul Jones and Matteo are heading home.

Hannah explains that her “heart” is with Luke P., even if her head might be leading in a different direction. She wants to explore their relationship further before succumbing to the red flags. However, more time with Luke will have to wait — the group heads to Scotland, and Hannah gives the first one-on-one date to Mike. They have a blast exploring the city and trying Scottish delicacies. Then, during the nighttime portion of the date, Mike admits to Hannah that he could see himself proposing at the end of the show and that he’s “ready” to be in a committed relationship. She can’t stop smiling after hearing that, and gives Mike the rose.

Up next is a group date for Devin, Tyler, Jed, Dylan, Grant, Connor, Dustin, Peter, Kevin and Garrett. They have to participate in old school Scottish games and attempt to impress Hannah. Jed wins the competition, and things get really steamy when he grabs Hannah for some one-on-one time later that night. Kevin walks in on them, and he’s definitely worried by what he sees — since he hasn’t even kissed Hannah at all yet!

Peter also gets hot and heavy with Hannah on top of a pool table when he gets his alone time, and Tyler makes out with her on a bed after she initiates it. Clearly, these three guys are leading the pack in Hannah’s eyes! At the end of the night, Hannah gives the group date rose to Jed.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Mike confronts Luke P. about what he’s going to tell Hannah on his upcoming one-on-one date. Mike calls Luke P. out for previously saying he was unsure about wanting to be on the show, which Luke denies. Finally, it’s time for Hannah to get to the bottom of her feelings for him on their date.

Hannah explains that hearing the other guys’ concerns about Luke bothered her because she doesn’t get why they don’t like him. Luke admits that he could’ve handled things with Luke S. much better, but insists he did believe Luke S. wasn’t there for the right reasons. Luke also tells Hannah that a lot of the guys have twisted his words and blown them out of proportion. Hannah gets frustrated with Luke for sounding “boastful” throughout their conversation, and begs him to talk about his feelings rather than constantly defending himself.

By the end of the conversation, Hannah still doesn’t feel like Luke is giving her the answers she’s looking for. She’s concerned about his inability to express his emotions. At one point, she even storms off for some time to herself. Hannah is more confused than ever because she knows there’s “something there” with Luke, but doesn’t know if she can get past this. She lets Luke know that she doesn’t want him to just say things that “sound good” because they’re what she wants to hear, and she continues to get visibly frustrated.

In her confessional, Hannah admits that she “really likes” Luke P., even though she doesn’t want to. “I just want to send him home like I’ve sent home all the other guys who’ve pissed me off,” she rants. She admits the daytime portion of the date was “terrible,” but gives Luke one more chance at night. She flat out tells him that he’s on “thin ice” and that she has plenty of concerns about their relationship because she can’t break through his walls.

Luke admits he’s had a hard time being himself because of what all the guys have been saying about him. He asks Hannah for advice about how she dealt with learning how to be herself on The Bachelor, and after hearing what she has to say, he vows to be fully himself for the rest of his time. Meanwhile, she promises that she’ll continue to make her own decisions about Luke and everyone else, without relying on what the other guys have to say. Finally, Luke opens up about his feelings for Hannah and assures her that he loves “everything” about her.

By the end of the conversation, Hannah is still confused. She says she’s having trouble articulating herself and feels like she’s just going ‘around and around in a circle’ with Luke. She tells Luke that he still hasn’t given her clarity, and that she’s unsure about her feelings for him — and even makes it clear to him that this was her worst day on the show so far! At the end of the date, she tells him she can’t give him the rose, but the episode ends before we get to see Luke’s reaction.

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