'The Bachelorette': Who is Jed Wyatt?

Have you already picked your favorite Bachelorette contestant? If not, it’s about time.

In the beginning, there are just too many men to keep track of. Besides, most of them go home so quickly in those first few weeks that emotionally investing in any of them would be a waste of time.

Now, we are finally getting to the part of the season where men start to stand out from one another. And one guy who we can’t help but notice is Jed Wyatt.

His good looks and smooth voice were enough to catch Hannah Brown’s attention, but what do we really know about Wyatt? Where is he from, what are his interests, would he be a good match for Brown?

Wyatt’s background

Wyatt is a 25-year-old from Nashville, Tennesse, according to ABC.

This means that Wyatt has southern roots, just like Brown. If we know one thing about Brown, it’s that she is absolutely in love with where she comes from and hold the values that she was taught there close to her heart. As a fellow southerner, Wyatt might have some of these same ideals, which will make him a great match for the former beauty queen.

He attended Belmont University for college so he and Brown can also bond over going to southern institutions.

What does Wyatt do for work?

Wyatt is listed as a musician. Whether that is his full-time job or a part-time hustle is unknown.

“Jed finds it easiest to express his feelings and be vulnerable through his music; but after his last relationship ended terribly, Jed stopped making music and said it was one of the hardest times in his life,” his Bachelorette bio reads.

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You can actually listen to Wyatt’s music on Spotify. He also has a YouTube channel where you can watch him sing original songs and covers.

Wyatt’s side job

In addition to being a singer, Wyatt also has another job, which may come as a bit of a surprise to some people. Wyatt is a dancer at the Music City Male Revue in Nashville.

While Wyatt doesn’t completely strip, he does participate in the burlesque show.

His sign

According to Wyatt’s Facebook page, he was born on January 19, which means he’s a Capricorn.

Capricorn is an earth sign and these people are typically practical, ambitious, and self-reliant. They are perfectionists and very persistent. Capricorns also have a very realistic view of the world.

Scorpios, Tauruses, and Virgos are the best matches for Capricorns.

Unfortunately for Wyatt, Brown was born on September 24th, which makes her a Libra, which is not necessarily a great match for a Capricorn.

How far does Wyatt make it?

Obviously, we don’t want to give you any spoilers, but multiple outlets have reported that the show shot footage in Wyatt’s hometown, which means he could have made it to hometowns. Or that footage could have been for his intro package.

Either way, it seems like Wyatt and Brown have a pretty good thing going on for the time being.

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