The jobs paying £60,000 a year that you DON’T need a degree for

TOP jobs paying high wages don't always need a university level education.

Anyone who's eyeing a new job in 2022 could bag themselves a big payday by pursuing a job like scrum master or chauffeur.

Analysis of more than one million job adverts by website Adzuna has identified the 25 top paying positions that don't require a degree.

Some of them even pay a whopping £60k or more, and for many positions "self-taught skills are more important than a formal education", according to Andrew Hunter, the co-founder of Adzuna.

He said: "2022 is a year of financial opportunity for degreeless jobseekers.

"Tight labour market conditions mean employers are casting their hiring nets wider than ever before to catch candidates with the right skills – and they’re offering tantalising pay packets as bait.

"Scrum masters, for example, are earning upwards of £66k, and while knowledge of the scrum system and top notch project management skills are needed for success, a degree isn’t."

A scrum master acts as a project manager for IT and tech development. There are course you can take to train in being a scum master, but there's no strict path into the job.

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Construction manager and food safety inspector are also among the jobs paying over £60k.

The average wage in the UK is around £25k. The living wage in the UK, which is the minimum for those aged over 23, is rising to £9.50 this April.

That works out as an annual salary of just over £18,000 for full-time workers.

Here's the full list of jobs advertised with a significantly higher salary of £60k or more.

  • Scrum Master £67k
  • Construction Manager £65k
  • Ethical Hacker £63k
  • Commercial pilot £60k
  • Food safety inspector £60k
  • Private chauffeur £60k

Construction workers are in particular demand, Adzuna said, with nearly 500 ads for construction managers, which pay an average salary of 65k.

Of course the same job can pay more or less depending on the company hiring, and the salaries here are averages.

And while a degree isn't needed, there may be other requirements.

A degree isn't needed to become a commercial pilot, but you'll usually need five GCSEs including English, Science, and Maths.

With the cost of a University education adding up to £57,000 on average, it could pay to pursue one of the high-paying careers that avoid taking on student loan debts and studying costs.

Mr Hunter said: "As more high paying careers open up to school-leavers, the hefty price tag that comes with further education is weighing heavier and we expect more jobseekers to choose the non-academic route.

"Degreeless workers are a vital segment of the labour market that more employers are looking to utilise.” 

There are plenty more positions that offer a high wage too – without the higher education background.

  • Buying manager £54k
  • Casino gaming manager £52k
  • Air traffic controller £50k
  • Games developer £50k
  • Oil rig operative £47k
  • HR manager £45k
  • Operations manager £43k
  • Army officer £43k
  • Social media manager £43k
  • Security manager £41k
  • Influencer marketing manager £40k
  • Mining construction £40k
  • Carpenter £39k
  • Estate agent £38k
  • Plumber £37k
  • Electrician £37k
  • Sales executive £36k
  • Executive assistant £36k
  • Hazardous waste management £36k

Just like pilots, air traffic controllers don't require a degree but you'll likely need those GCSEs.

Meanwhile a job like influencer marketing manager has no formal requirements as it's a new type of job.

Influencers online can make millions of punds – but there's also big paydays for people who manage them.

The role involves managing relationships between influential people on social media and brands.

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