The Kid Laroi: Fame Rising Faster Than Anyone Imagined

The Kid Laroi started with very, very humble beginnings. In fact, his story is everything that rags to riches tales are made of. By all accounts, he didn’t stand a chance at fame, let alone mid-line success in the music industry. Yet somehow, he rose above the mediocrity of his social status in Australia, in spite of the fact that the odds that were stacked against him, and the very visions he had in his own mind. He is now the most up and coming artist that the music industry has ever seen, and he’s rising to fame faster than anyone ever imagined. His friends list reads like a who’s who of music moguls, and he churns out hit after hit, proving that he is absolutely and irrevocably the next musical wonder to be reckoned with. Move over, The Kid Laroi has not only arrived… he’s taking over.

Humble Beginnings

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To say that The Kid Laroi came from humble beginnings is an absolute understatement. In fact, after his parents split, he faced true poverty. Raised by a single mother that was left without many options to explore, The Kid Laroi’s mom was selling drugs to make ends meet, and they lived hand-to-mouth for a very long time. The Kid Laroi was subjected to life in RedFern, which is an inner-city suburb in Sydney, and nothing came easy.

While struggling to survive in a single mother household in the projects, The Kid Laroi, whose real name is Charlton Howard, floated between his friends’ houses when possible, until true tragedy struck. His uncle, who had always encouraged him to pursue his passion for music, was murdered. He had always encouraged him to pursue his passion for music, and so he did…

The Line Of Best Fit reports that as a kid, he began to write raps, filling notebooks with rhymes and lyrics, eventually uploading his own freestyle videos,”and eventually seeing the level of superstardom that he claims today.

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His Road To Success

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According to Time, The Kid Laroi “first recording verses on his mother’s iPhone before upgrading to a studio and posting his music on Soundcloud and social media. He soon grew a devout following both in Sydney and abroad.

It took no time at all for fans to start clamoring to his social media account, and before he knew it, he was getting a call from none other than Grade A Productions executive, Lil Baby.  The Kid Laroi was soon signed to Columbia Records, and his journey began.

Lil Baby positioned The Kid Laroi as the opening act for the wildly popular artist Juice WRLD, in a business move that would prove to be a critical one in The Kid Laroi’s career. Sadly, it would take a personal toll on him in ways he never imagined. The Kid Laroi not only toured with Juice WRLD and took the place of his opening act, he also lived with him, sought guidance from him as a mentor, and became very good friends with him.

The Kid Laroi’s world was shaken when Juice WRLD lost his life to an accidental overdose in January of 2020.

Without his friend, and missing his mentor, The Kid Laroi struggled to overcome his demons in pursuit of higher success within the music industry.

Making It Big

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In spite of all the odds stacked against him, The Kid Laroi has shattered music records and has quickly risen to the very top of the music charts, topping artists that have been well known in the industry for many years.

According to Time; “when Juice WRLD died, Laroi was in the process of putting together his debut album; he decided to make the album’s lead single “Go,” which featured a verse from Juice WRLD recorded the previous August” Nearly instantly, the song garnered 238 million streams on Spotify.

The Kid Laroi was on the map, and he wasn’t about to lose track of his destination.

Huge Celebrity Status

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The Kid Laroi hasn’t been on the scene for very long, but he’s already left a lasting impression and has made it clear that there’s far more to come.

As he climbed to the top of his game, the young star formed some critically important bonds with huge artists that quickly realized the talent that he possessed, and were willing to help boot his career. He worked alongside Justin Bieber and was featured on his latest album, Justice. He also has some music currently in the works with Halsey.  Fans won’t forget that Miley Cyrus also invited The Kid Laroi to collaborate on music and the two worked tirelessly to give fans the best of their collaborative efforts with the song Without You.

The Kid Laroi has also gone on to impress the likes of TikTok sensation Addison Rae, who actively promoted him and his music on social media, by giving him a shout out.

Last, but most certainly not least, was an interaction between The Kid Laroi and none other than Sir Elton John, during which time Elton John said; “he’s gonna be one of the biggest artists in the whole wide world.”

It sure seems he’s heading down that path. To date, The Kid Laroi’s music shatters records and receives global praise. He has most certainly put Australia on the map, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

The Daily Mail reports The Kid Laroi as saying; “One of my biggest goals in this whole music s**t from the beginning has always been to show the rest of the world what Australia has to offer, and how much raw and unseen talent that we have. It’s not an overnight process, but I can feel it slowly happening.”

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