These old-looking babies are real-life Benjamin Buttons

The real Benjamin Buttons! Hilarious snaps reveal babies with wrinkled foreheads and knowing looks that make them look VERY old before their time

  • People from all over world have shared funny pictures of babies look much older 
  • These newborns wise beyond their years look like tiny elderly men and women
  • This is reminiscent of the Benjamin Button movie, where Brad Pitt ages in reverse

Any proud parent will tell you that all babies are beautiful, but for some little ones, their cuteness stems from looking aged rather than angelic.  

These babies might be in nappies, but they looked like they’re aging in reverse just like Brad Pitt in The Strange Case of Benjamin Button movie, where a man is born elderly and gets younger through the years. 

Parents from around the world poked fun at their little bundles of joy in a gallery for Bored Panda, including one fair-haired infant who looks like he’s already gone grey. 

Meanwhile others look like OAPs thanks to very wrinkly foreheads, while for some it’s a particularly knowing look. 

Here, Femail reveals some of the cutest examples of little ones who look old way before their time.  

People from all over the world shared snaps of their babies looking like elderly men and women. A dad from Pennsylvania was left in stitches by this picture of his son 

Another US-based baby looked wise beyond his years in this snap highlighting the wrinkles on his forehead

The parents of this little US lad joked he looked like a pub landlord with his vest, side-burns and knowing smile

This baby from the US looked too wise to only be a newborn. These pictures reminisced people of the movie The Strange Case of Benjamin Button, starring Brad Pitt

Thinking cap! In the US, this little chap’s serious expression and frown made him look like an old wise man 

In Atlanta Georgia, this newborn’s fuzzy hair and quizzical smile make him look like a member of the elderly

This Us-based baby’s impressive mane is so fair, it looks like he already has grey hair in spite of his young age 

In Florida, this baby’s long hair and receding hairline ages his adorable face by a few decades in this hilarious dinner time snap

In the US, the little baby hair on the top of this boy’s face makes it look like he’s a middle-aged man losing his hair 

This baby looked old beyond its years and unimpressed in a picture snapped by their doting parents

The folds on this newborn from Georgia’s face make it look like he’s ready to enjoy his retirement 

One person admitted they were ‘one of those old babies’ and shared a picture of them in a pink coat 

One person from Madagascar shared this childhood picture, where they sported a receding hairline

The parents of this US-based baby joked their child looked like a cast member of the US mafia drama The Sopranos 

In Wisconsin, this baby thin and fair hair makes them look a bit older than the average newborn in this sweet snap 

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