This £5.69 eyebrow dye kit has 26,000 five-star results

The £6 hack Amazon shoppers swear by for perfectly defined eyebrows – and it’s backed by more than 26,000 five-star reviews

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Summer salon treatments can be costly, with many of us booking in for waxes, hair cuts, manicures and pedicures to get ‘summer ready’. 

Amazon shoppers have found one beauty treatment you can do from home, saving you valuable time and money. Enter the Eylure DYBROW Eyebrow Dye Kit.

Shoppers are raving about how just one 10 minute application can leave you with ‘fuller and thicker-looking brows’ for up to six weeks. 

Saving you from filling in your brows and booking expensive salon trips, this could be the summer beauty hack you need – and it costs just £5.69 right now.

If you’re looking to pair down your beauty routine this summer, then the Eylure Dybrow kit will give you defined arches without pencils and gels.

One 10-minute application lasts up to six weeks, so you can streamline your morning routine and save yourself money on trips to the salon.

And the best news? The waterproof formula makes it a winner for holidays too.

Once the dye is applied, it takes just a few minutes to develop before you wipe it away to reveal freshly darkened eyebrows

If you’re fed up with filling in your eyebrows every day and are looking for something a little more permanent, the Eylure Dybrow Kit can save you valuable time and money. 

When temperatures rise, makeup can slip and slide, so swapping brow pencils and gels for dye could be a clever hack, especially if you’re heading on holiday.

Each Dybrow Kit provides up to 12 applications, working on thin and sparse arches as well as defining already thick brows. It’s the easy way to give your brows an instant at-home refresh, and it takes just 10 minutes. 

The Eylure Dybrow kit has received over 26,000 five-star Amazon reviews, with shoppers raving about how it gives the ‘same result as the beauty salon but much cheaper’.

Not only is it cheaper than a salon appointment, which can cost anything up to £25, but it streamlines your summer makeup routine too. Giving your brows a bit of TLC, you’ll get beautifully defined brows for up to six weeks.

Even shoppers who have never dyed their brows before have been impressed with how easy it is to use. Just mix the dye and activator and apply to your eyebrows using the provided spoolie. Once the dye is applied, it takes just a few minutes to develop before you wipe it away to reveal freshly darkened eyebrows.

And the best news? The waterproof formula means you can go to the pool, beach and on holiday with flawless-looking brows.  

Amazon shoppers are transforming their brows with the help of the Eylure Dybrow, which takes under 15 minutes to apply and lasts up to six weeks – ideal for summer holidays 

With so many shoppers raving about how the Eylure permanent tint for brows is ‘comparable to salon tint’, it’s well-worth adding it to your summer beauty routine. 

One impressed user wrote: ‘This works so well. Perfect eyebrows every time and so many applications! I do use an eyebrow brush to apply, though, not the applicator provided. Will definitely buy again.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘Don’t spent £££ at your salon! This has been a life saver. If I want a quick and natural look, 5 minutes and I’m done! Love this product. Been using the same tube for 6 months now and only need to reapply once a month or so.’

A third penned: ‘I’ll never pay a salon to dye my eyebrows again! Discovered in lockdown and will use this for rest of life! Easy to apply and long-lasting results. I can’t believe I used to pay £12 to get my eyebrows tinted for so many years!’. 

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