Toilets with threatening auras revealed!

Loo-sing it! Bizarre snaps reveal VERY badly-designed toilets – including a hole in a tree stump and cubicles that are not made for privacy

  • Viral Facebook page compiled pictures of weird toilets from around world 
  • Group ‘Toilets With Threatening Auras,’ was started by filmmaker Phil Wilson 
  • Includes toilets that have no privacy and others which are dangerous to use 

The weirdest toilets from around the world have been captured in a hilarious online gallery – and they range from the bizarre to the downright terrifying. 

The snaps were first shared in a Facebook group called ‘Toilets With Threatening Auras,’  which was created by freelance filmmaker Phil Wilson, before being compiled in a list by BoredPanda. 

From some loos that lack privacy to others that look like they could fall through the floor at any minute, these snaps will leave you wanting to go to the toilet in the comfort of your own home only.

Here, FEMAIL has shared some othe strangest, scariest, and wackiest toilets that exist on this earth… 

On a roll! There’s no needing to panic about running out of toilet paper as far as this loo is concerned!

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Not so tree-mendous! This makeshift toilet, pictured in an unknown location, is situated in a forest – and in full sight of passersby

That’s a long way down! The floor in this bathroom at Chicago Magic Lounge in Chicago, Illinois, creates an optical illusion that makes users feel like they’re falling down a hole

Taking a tumble! This toilet, believed to be in South Carolina, US, will give anyone a fright if they look up and realise a washing machine may fall on their head

‘Imagine going here after a drink!’ This ominous looking loo, pictured in an unknown location, features a glass floor and a pit

What a dive! Meanwhile, a very public urinal in Edinburgh, Scotland, has amusingly been placed next to a tourist advert 

All eyes! This toilet at an office in the US has been decorated to look like Leela, a character from Futurama – but it has a rather scary effect 

Shell shocked! Facebook users joked this toilet, at an unknown location, looked like it was from Davey Jones’ Captain’s Quarters

This public toilet, believed to be in the US, requires those who use it to have very good balance and aim

Creeped out! This bathroom is usually pretty innocuous, but it suddenly becomes a lot more threatening when covered in cockroaches 

Caught short! These toilets, pictured in an unknown location, show some very useless doors…

Helping hand! This toilet, at an unknown location, looks as if people are trapped in the floor – and are watching users go to the toilet

Not for the faint-hearted! This portaloo makes those needing a bathroom break climb a high ladder to relieve themselves

I can see you! Russian dolls stand in the corner of this bathroom, believed to be in Russia, which may be scary to some

Makeshift madness! This photo suggests someone has used a chair after refusing to use the squat toilet at an unknown location

Under the microscope! This urinal is placed next to a microscope, allowing users very close inspection when they need the toilet

Travel toilet! This portable toilet, believed to be taken in California, shows a camper getting very crafty while in the deser

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