Tricky geography test challenges even the most well-travelled  players

Is YOUR geography better than an 8-year-old’S? Tricky test challenges even the most well-travelled players

  • A Playbuzz quiz challenges the internet to pass a tricky multiple question test
  • Eight multiple choice questions aimed at 8-year-olds cover geography 
  • One question asks what the highest mountain in the United States is

A tricky new online quiz, which claims to tell you whether your geography knowledge is better than that of an eight-year-old has baffled users.

Shared on Playbuzz, the test originates poses difficult questions, challenging players to name the highest mountains and longest rivers of specific regions. 

For those who pass the test, the author states: ‘Your world geography is better than an 8 year old so congratulations! We knew you could do it. You know where Mozambique is, what the capital of Monaco is and where in the world New Orleans lies. Well done whizz kid!’.

Take the test and scroll down for the answers to find out how you would have done – but no cheating!











 1. Mount McKinley

2. Murray

3.  Monaco (after the Vatican City)

4.  Suriname

5. Russia

6. Kazakhstan

7. Challenger Deep

8. Captain James Cook 

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