What Does Queen Elizabeth Really Think of Donald Trump?

With President Trump’s visit to Britain making headlines everywhere, royal watchers are on high alert. The American president is quite controversial and, over the years, he has been involved in many tense relationships with other world leaders. Yet, this is the second time Queen Elizabeth invited Trump for a visit.

The British royal family, though, is slightly different. They pride themselves on staying above the fray and keeping any personal feelings they might have about American politicians concealed from public view. Queen Elizabeth is a perfect example, keeping herself well above the fray in spite of occasional drama between Trump and certain members of the royal family.

Donald Trump has spoken about Princess Diana in the past

Trump is well known for his tendency to speak his mind on social media and to members of the press. Following Princess Diana’s divorce from Prince Charles, Trump, who was heavily involved in the hospitality business at the time, is said to have pursued her frantically. He allegedly sent flowers and gifts to her apartment. Diana reportedly wasn’t a fan of his advances and avoided reaching out to him.

In some of many interviews with radio shock jock Howard Stern, Trump admitted he always thought Diana was a great beauty and that he would have slept with her “without any hesitation.” While his raunchy comments certainly didn’t offend Stern, it’s likely that Diana’s sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, were less than thrilled with the comments.

Neither of the princes spoke out about Trump’s remarks, and they aren’t likely to. The royal family’s tradition dictates they avoid drama at all costs, no matter what personal feelings might be at stake.

Meghan Markle doesn’t like Donald Trump

One royal who has no problem letting her feelings be known about Trump is Meghan Markle. Prior to her relationship with Harry, while she was still acting on Suits, Meghan slammed Trump, calling him misogynistic. She even claimed that if he won the 2016 presidential election, she would want to move to Canada. 

While some reports have suggested that Trump might have reciprocated Meghan’s feelings, he spoke out on Twitter and said he has never had anything negative to say about Meghan. In either case, it’s likely that Meghan will not have to cross paths with Trump at all during his latest visit, considering she is still on maternity leave.

Queen Elizabeth has spent a considerable amount of time with Trump, but don’t expect her to show anything but royal hospitality.

Queen Elizabeth avoids political commentary

Queen Elizabeth is still the head of the household for the entire royal family, so she has the final word on all diplomatic visits. The queen has maintained a true British “stiff upper lip” even in the face of certain protocol flubs that Trump has made. Her Majesty has also never given any indication that his words about Diana affected her. If anything, she has gone out of her way to be polite to Trump and his wife, Melania Trump, even matching outfits with the couple at one diplomatic function.

Whether she feels differently in private is something that will likely never be known. Queen Elizabeth is far too seasoned to allow herself a slip up that could reveal she isn’t really a fan of Trump.

The monarch has certainly given Trump the royal treatment during the first part of his visit, including extraordinary gifts, private meals, a grand welcoming ceremony, and exclusive tours to historical sites around London. Only time will tell if Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom does eventually turn slightly sour.

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