Who Is The Biggest Snob On 'Southern Charm'? Patricia Altschul Tells All

With six seasons under her belt, Patricia Altschul knows a thing or two about her Southern Charm co-stars. Luckily, Altschul is never afraid to speak her mind, which is why she did not blink an eye when she revealed who is the biggest snob on the show. We have seen plenty of snobbish behavior over the years, but fans might be surprised to learn who takes the title in Altschul’s mind.

Altschul tells all

In a recent interview, the Southern Charm star was asked about her butler, Michael, and how he sometimes acts like a total diva. In response, Altschul called Michael out for being the biggest snob on the show. Michael apparently has a derogatory comment whenever things are not done to his liking, which is why Altschul believes he is deserving of the title.

“Oh my gosh, Michael is the biggest snob of everybody. Ifthings aren’t done properly, he will tell you and make a snide comment,”Altschul stated. “He does it in a very respectful way, but he has a veryacerbic sense of humor and you see a little bit of it.”

According to Decider,Altschul noted that Michael is usually very respectful when he makes hiscomments. She also revealed that everyone’s favorite butler has a verysarcastic sense of humor.

Now that he has been a part of the series for a few years, he isalso getting more comfortable in front of the cameras. If he keeps this up,Altschul thinks he might take over the show altogether. We have to admit, it ishard to argue with her.

Michael shares what he thinks of ‘Southern Charm’

He may be the biggest snob of them all, but Michael has managedto steer clear of the drama over the past six seasons. Although he keeps hisnose out of things, Michael pays attention to all of the storylines.

In fact, he and Altschul watch the series religiously, whichhelps him stay informed for whenever Altschul throws one of her lavish parties.Prior to the debut of Southern Charm, however, Michael had never watcheda show on Bravo.

Michael added that he and Altschul have come to love Bravo overthe years and have developed quite the bond. When they aren’t watching episodesof Southern Charm, Michael and Altschul visit thrift stores aroundCharleston and enjoy searching for rare antiques.

As far as his favorite Southern Charm cast member isconcerned, Michael revealed that he adores Cameran Eubanks, whom he considers adaughter. He also enjoys spending time with Altschul’s son, WhitneySudler-Smith, who often comes to him for advice.

Altschul teaches fans how to become a Southern belle

Although Michael might like things done a certain way, Altschulis very proper when it comes to parties. Fortunately, Altschul has your back ifyou ever want to behave like a Southern lady. The Southern Charm starrecently revealed some tips on how to act if you are ever invited to one of herfamous parties. This includes how you should always cross your legs when seatedand the proper way to hold a tea cup.

Altschul also says that guests should never arrive late andshould always bring the host a gift. The present, however, should not beanything too lavish and flowers are never an option. When it comes toconversation, controversial topics are off the table.

As a guest, avoid talking about politics, religion, or money. Thehost, meanwhile, should have the best alcohol ready to serve and should beready to signal everyone when the party is over. Lastly, if you bring yourcellphone to dinner, keep it in your pocket if you want to avoid the host’swrath.

How does Altschul spot a social climber?

After starring on a reality show for six years and being asocialite for who knows how long, Altschul knows exactly how to spot a socialclimber. The first sign is if the person is a little too willing to serve,especially when it benefits them in some way. Altschul is also wary of peoplewho are too quick to volunteer for social events.

Thankfully, Altschul does not think anyone on Southern Charmis a social climber, with the exception of one individual in Ashley Jacobs, whois expected to make a brief appearance this season.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights onBravo.

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