Woman gets wrong dog from Virginia pet salon

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Not all dogs are the same.

A woman from Virginia snapped a picture that she thought showed her dog glaring at her after picking him up from the groomer. On closer inspection, however, it turned out that it wasn’t actually her dog.

Tykesha Cherry says she noticed that the dog given to her by the pet salon was acting differently than her actual pet, Lucky.
(SWNS/Kennedy News and Media)

Tykesha Cherry spoke with Southwest News Service (SWNS) about how she was given the wrong dog after dropping her pet off at the groomers. She had dropped her dog Lucky off at a pet salon in Chesapeake, Virginia, last Wednesday and returned to pick him up later in the day.

Cherry explained, “I went to pick up my puppy, I went in and the lady at the desk said ‘Oh, you’re here for Bentley?’. I said, ‘no, I’m here for Lucky.’ As she’s walking away to fetch the dog, I was dealing with the receipt. I look up, and there’s a dog in my face.”

She says she didn’t get a chance to take a good look at the dog before taking him to her car.

Once in the car, however, she noticed that “Lucky” looked different. He wasn’t responding to his name and was making a weird face at her.

While she described the dog in her car as “the sweetest dog,” she noticed that he wasn’t behaving the same way that Lucky normally did in the car. Before driving home, she video chatted with her boyfriend to see if he thought the dog looked different.

Eventually, Cherry noticed that this dog’s eyes were different from Lucky’s.

“I jumped straight out of the car and ran back immediately. It was the same woman stood at the door, and she said, ‘hi Bentley,'” she said. “I was like ‘this isn’t my dog, where’s my dog? Where’s my puppy?’ They were shocked, everybody was in shock. I get the mix-up, they’re both white, but I thought they’d have tags in the back or something.”

Fortunately, Cherry was reunited with Lucky, who probably has no idea what even happened.

“I definitely felt relieved when I was reunited with Lucky,” Cherry said. “Like what I [was] feeling wasn’t wrong in regards to him looking different.”

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