Woman mortified as eyebrow tint makes it look like poo is on her forehead

A woman has shared her horror after an unconventional eyebrow tint stained her skin – leaving her with "doodoo" on her forehead.

Beth Margaret shared the mortifying story to her TikTok account, @bethmargaretx, where it has been seen thousands of time.

Explaining how she is “in a real pickle” and needs help, she says that she has been tinting her eyebrows using Just For Men for a “couple of years”.

The TikToker has “never had a problem” until now and then shows how she has been using the product.

Her right eyebrow shows the application stage, which she admits looks a “bit messy”.

But the real issue becomes apparent when she pans the camera to her left eyebrow – which has an unfortunate stain hanging above it.

“I have a doodoo stain on my face and I don’t know how to get it off because it’s dye and it’s not coming off and I’m supposed to be going on holiday,” she says.

Beth attempts to remedy the situation by washing her face but it doesn’t quite go to plan.

Both eyebrows are left with the awkward stain – which remains there even after she has gone to sleep.

“Maybe this is the new me?” She jokingly asks. “Maybe this is my look now?”

The video was shared back in August and attracted hundreds of comments from viewers suggesting solutions.

One wrote: “Baby oil should help or an oil-based makeup remover. Toothpaste apparently works too but I’ve never tried that.”

Another commented: “Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on it? Not ideal but it should work, they also have hair color remover you can probably get at the beauty store.”

While someone else suggested: “Dish soap and baking soda apparently.”

Thankfully for Beth, her subsequent videos showed the awkward stains were no more.

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