Woman poses in gym gear for snaps taken on same day to show reality of bloating

Christmas is only just over a month away – but along with the festive season comes the dark nights and frosty weather.

With the supermarket shelves stocked full of moreish goodies – it is enough to tempt anyone to ravish their way though sweet treats.

However, for many, indulging into delicious foods can often cause a bit of belly bloat.

And influencer Georgie Clarke is no exception to this.

In her latest Instagram post, Georgie shared just how quickly her body can change in a day by snacking on food.

Donning a light blue gym set, the body positive influencer poses in a side by side snap showing her 715,000 followers her stunning figure.

In the left snap, Georgie has pulled her leggings up which makes her waist more cinched.

In the right snap, the UK based influencer has pulled down her blue trousers exposing her belly.

Georgie captioned the relatable post: “How my body can fluctuate in a day…

“So most mornings I wake up feeling trim, toned and most of all MOTIVATED – and as the day progresses, and especially in winter…

“I tend to eat a lot of food to fuel my body and yes that means by the end of the day I’ve bloated LOADS!

“I also find that stress and hormones have a huge factor on my belly bloating also."

She added: “I also find myself needing a lot more food around 4pm when it gets dark in the UK because my body needs the energy.

“It’s cold and dark and yesterday at 4pm I literally had a date with chocolate… hot chocolate, chocolate covered marshmallows… Maltesers and Crunchie bites.

“Knowing when I need to be kind to myself is something I’ve been working on. And yesterday… was one of those days.

“Days like this… your body might fluctuate which is completely normal."

The body positivity guru urged her followers: “Learn to be kind to yourself and recognise when it’s more important to stop and give yourself what you want to feel better.”

Relating to Georgie, many people fled to the comments to thank the influencer for being so “real''.

One person commented: “Love your authenticity".

Another user added: “God you're stunning".

A third person praised: “Thank you for being you".

Whilst someone one else remarked: “Thank you for your honesty and for being awesomeeee".

Meanwhile, a fifth user said: “I love you Georgie and I love your posts!!”

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