Woman shares game-changing roast potato cooking hack that doesnt need an oven

A woman has shared the way she’s recently begun to cook roast potatoes after claiming she’ll never make them another way again.

Foodie Ria McCullough posted her clever method on Facebook – and it doesn’t need an oven!

While roastie obsessives might shake their head at the idea the home cook said she will "never cook them conventionally again" after discovering the hack.

And, we have to admit that the spuds look golden, crispy and utterly delicious.

Ria noted that she used Navan potatoes and parboiled them for 10 minutes.

She then tipped them into a colander and left them to dry there for a few minutes.

While they cooled she sprinkled them with flour, salt, pepper, onion granules and sage before briefly shaking the spuds, reports the LiverpoolEcho.

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We also like to add an OXO cube, some rosemary and paprika to our potatoes, but your spice mix is down to personal taste.

Then, she added a few “gulps” of olive oil to a slow cooker and turned it on high.

When the slow cooker was hot she added the spuds and left them to cook for four hours, with a tea towel under the lid, and turned then twice in the meantime.

The tea towels stops the potatoes from being soggy and helps them crisp up.

Ria's wrote: "Absolute game changer, not sure I’ll make roasties in the oven ever again!”

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The cook’s recipe was posted in the Slow Cooker UK group where she received over 2,700 likes and 700 comments.

In response people said Ria’s hack was “game changing” and others said they couldn’t praise the method highly enough.

One woman noted: "They are amazing, a little bit of oil. Didn't realise I could use the SC [slow cooker] for anything other than a casserole."

While another added: "Never thought of doing roasties in my SC, but they sure do look amazing x."

And, a third added: "OMG you've just saved my Sunday roasts (until I finally get a new oven that is lol) beauties."

Would you try this method? Tell us in the comments section…

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