Women share honest pictures of their 'glow downs'

Not everyone gets better with age! Women who think they’re already past their physical peak share their ‘glow DOWNS’ in a self-mocking social media challenge

  • Women have shared pictures of how changed since their younger years 
  • They shared the snaps as part of the Glow-Down Challenge to show effect of age 
  • Showed they were not as conventionally attractive as used to be but still happy 

Women who believe they’re already past their physical peak have shared before-and-after pictures of their so-called ‘glow-downs’. 

The Glow-Down challenge was created by Tik Tok user Gabrielle McDonald in April, who admitted she ‘peaked in high school’ and wanted to see other people who also thought looked nothing like their ‘hottest’ self anymore.   

A ‘glow-down,’ is the polar opposite of a ‘glow-up’,  where people shared how much more attractive they look or feel compared to their younger selves.  

Now people from across the world have been sharing their snaps online, with Bored Panda gathering the best pictures into an online gallery.   

Women from around the world have taken part in the Glow Down challenge, where they show  how much they changed since they physically ‘peaked’ in highschool (pictured, one woman, from San Francisco, showed the difference a few years had made) 

This teacher from the US shared a series of pictures, including one in her prom dress, before revealing what she looked like now 

Another woman, from the UK, showed how much she had changed between aged 19 and aged 22 for the challenge 

A college student from the US shared a ‘no makeup’ selfie to highlight the difference between her high school appearance and now 

Meanwhile another university student, from the US, revealed she had also transformed her look since school after getting a pixie haircut 

One woman based in Fakenham, UK, said she did not like her old self when she took part in the challenge 

This woman, believed to be from the US, shared pictures chronicling her gain weight over the years when she took part in the challenge 

Another person, believed to be from the US, explained her change in appearance had happened after she got married, had a child and was diagnosed with Polycystic ovary syndrome

The difference a haircut can make! Another US-based women revealed she had transformed her look after cutting her hair short – and added she was now suffering from acne 

One nursing student, from New Jersey, showcased her makeup free selfie as she shared her before-and-after shots 

What a difference a decade can make! Another person, from Australia, took part in the challenge and shared two selfies of herself taken years apart 

Meanwhile another woman, who lives in Canada, confessed she was struggling to fit into her old clothing 

A mother-of-two from the US shared how much her body had changed after her two pregnancies 

One woman from Australia shared a picture of her old self sporting a plunging neckline at a festival, and compared it to a selfie of her now  

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