WORST properties available are rounded up on a viral Instagram account

A real state! Viral Instagram account reveals the most bizarre property listing photos – from a flat with a double bed over the stairs to a hot tub in a kitchen

  • An Instagram account rounds up the worst estate agent photos on the internet 
  • One house was full to the brim with mannequins in various outfits and positions
  • Another decided the best place for a hot tub was in the middle of the kitchen 

Many house hunters will cringe at the state of the property market and these ridiculous pictures show just how bad it can really be. 

Snaps from around the world compiled by Bored Panda from account Terrible Real Estate Photos reveal just how bad some houses on the market are.

In one picture, someone placed half a door on a half-height room divider, while another squished a bed into a narrow room.

Meanwhile, one kitchen was given the unusual addition of a hot tub in the corner. In another, a landlord decided the bed place for a bunk bed is elevated above a flight of stairs.

Here, FEMAIL reveals some of the very worst examples. 

The owner of this home in the US had a very specific vision for almost open plan living. The only problem is the crazed half door that gives an uneasy feeling

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This US home owner who attempted to sell their house over the internet forgot one thing: perhaps cropping the kitchen hot tub out of the image would encourage more buyers

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Roll up, roll up, a cosy one bedroom flat in the UK with a snuggly vibe that can’t be captured in larger properties

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This higgeldy-piggledy house in the UK is so confused no estate agent could possibly know how to describe it other than, ‘it has to be seen to be believed’

This US home comes with a terrifying model of a little girl staring out of a dark cupboard

Well that’s one way to get environmental! This American home has a tree growing through the living room 

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