YouGov survey on Britain’s best and worst dishes sparks outrage online

A YouGov survey has ranked Britain's best and worst dishes, with many sharing their outrage at the results.

Scotch eggs and pork pies were some of the least popular savoury treats, according to the findings, while Yorkshire puddings and Sunday roasts came out on top.

The polling organisation released a graphic, which has been shared widely online, categorising British cuisine from 'God tier' to 'crap'.

The top savoury dishes, which were liked by over 80 per cent of people who had tried them, were Yorkshire puddings, Sunday roasts, fish and chips, crumpets, full English breakfasts and bacon sandwiches.

Whereas, the least popular delicacies, enjoyed by less than 50 per cent of respondents, were steak and kidney pudding, black pudding, kippers, liver and onion, haggis, faggots, laverbread, and jellied eels.

Pork pies, scotch eggs, beef Wellington, bubble and squeak and Lancashire hotpot all fared poorly in the poll, although bangers and mash, cottage pie and shepherd's pie were liked by more than 70 per cent of the people polled.

The most popular desserts were scones and Victoria sponge cake, while deep fried Mars bars came bottom of the list.

Other popular sweet treats included hot cross buns, sticky toffee pudding, bakewell tart and Eton mess, whereas some of the least favourite desserts were Battenberg cake, spotted dick, Christmas pudding, Eccles cake and Welsh cakes.

Some people were furious about the rankings and the fact that some snacks had been left out.

The official Twitter account for bakery Greggs questioned why sausage rolls had not been included in the poll.

Andrew Edwards wrote: "Black pudding and liver and onion in the bottom tier. Behave! And crumpet in the top tier? Having a laugh. We’re a mess of a country."

Jason Stevens-Read added: "Erm? Toad in the hole, steak and kidney pie and black pudding should all be minimum top tier if not God tier!"

Despite this, some users did voice support for the findings.

Tori Blakeman tweeted: "Agree with the top tier to be honest! At least you can vouch for fish and chips, also chicken tikka masala should be top tier."

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