Dartmouth native signed by Toronto Raptors after going undrafted: reports

Nova Scotians have one more reason to cheer for the Toronto Raptors.

Lindell Wigginton of Dartmouth, N.S., has reportedly signed a deal with the defending NBA Champion Toronto Raptors to play in the NBA Summer League, according to HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy.

Wigginton seemed to confirm the news by quote-tweeting Kennedy with a Canadian flag emoji.

Wiggington, who went undrafted during Thursday’s 2019 NBA Draft, played in 25 games for his sophomore campaign with the Iowa State Cyclones.

He averaged 13.5 points per game and also averaged four rebounds and two assists.

His efforts saw him earn the Big12 Sixth Man of the Year award and was also named to the Big 12 Championship All-Tournament Team.

Wigginton will be the second Canadian player on the Raptors roster.

Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil offered his congratulations to Wigginton on Twitter.

“You make us all #NSProud,” said McNeil.

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Erika Jayne Calls Out Critics Over Backlash On Her Very-NSFW ‘Business Casual’ Pic!

Erika Jayne is not here take any sh*t from haters and critics on social media!

She continues to remind everybody of that on Instagram, as the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has been fighting off backlash and calling out mean commenters after posting a very NSFW pic of her backside on Thursday afternoon!

It all started on Thursday when Jayne posted her extremely Not Safe For Work pic to the ‘Gram which (parental advisory, it’s explicit) you can see in all its glory (below):

View this post on Instagram

Business casual.

A post shared by Erika Jayne (@theprettymess) on

Whoa! Hello, there — this absolutely woke us up on a sleepy Friday morning! LOLz!!!

Jayne’s famous friends at least loved it; Yolanda Hadid showed up in the comment section with the praise-hand emoji, while Lisa Rinna wrote “Smiling at me!” Hilariously, Tamra Judge added, “Well hello. How’s it cracking?” Ha!!!

But unfortunately, a decent-sized handful of commenters didn’t find it quite as fun — or as light-hearted — as some of Erika’s famous pals… and that’s when the RHOBH star decided to start clapping back against the critics and waging war in the comment section!!!

One IG follower wrote (below):

 “Lots of young women see this! Please think of the example you are putting out there! Are you a porn star?”

Unimpressed by the morality play, Erika curtly replied (below):

“You sound threatened.”

Another fan asked if there was a “crisis” going on in the reality TV star’s life (WTF?), but Erika was quick to reply to that one, too, shooting down all the speculation (below):

“No crisis here. Try trolling elsewhere. You’re boring. Happy I finally acknowledged you? I bet you are…please do not respond.”


The biggest beatdown came when a user referenced Erika’s husband, writing (below):

“Your husband like this picture I am sure he is proud of you LOL Unbelievable wow no respect”

Refusing to be body-shamed or embarrassed by Instagrammers, though, Erika shot that one down very quickly, too (below):

“Could you post a picture of your ass? I would like to compare and then we will see who is embarrassed…bet I win.”

Got ’em!!!

What about U, Perezcious readers!? What do U think of Erika Jayne’s nude backside making its way on IG?! Did she go too far, or is it all in good fun? And what about all the critics and commenters who felt the need to throw in their two cents about a naked celebrity?? Too prude, or point proven??

So much going on here… quite a bit to take in, but we want you to take a crack at it (get it?!) with your opinions on the matter! Sound OFF about everything going on in this little brouhaha in the comments section (below)!!

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Rocky the escaped African cat spotted again in Virginia

The exotic African cat that escaped from its owner’s house has been spotted again in Virginia, this time more than 150 miles (240 kilometers) from its North Carolina home.

Interested in Animals?

The cat’s owner previously told news outlets his pet, Rocky, escaped from his coastal North Carolina home in October. Since then, Rocky has been on the move and evading capture, spotted in cities across Virginia — first, in a state park in April, later in rural Chesapeake and just this week near Suffolk.

A Virginia Beach animal control agent told The Virginian-Pilot she has spent hours trying to trap the elusive cat. But African servals are known for their athleticism, both in their ability to travel over 20 miles (32 kilometers) a day, and being able to run 50 mph (80 kph).

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Luann de Lesseps BLASTS Bethenny Frankel: I Don’t Owe You My Life!!

It looks like things still haven’t improved much since Bethenny lashed out at Luann.

This week, the Skinnygirl founder went on Watch What Happens Live, and the former Countess’ ongoing sobriety battle definitely came up.

Luann watched … and was so furious that she took to Twitter to share her outrage in a series of blistering tweets.

Speaking with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, Bethenny Frankel spoke about Luann de Lesseps’ battle for sobriety.

“I went all in,” Bethenny says of her erstwhile role in Luann’s health strugle. “I got her rehab paid for.”

Which made what went down between the two of them in Miami so shocking for her.

“So,” Bethenny explained. “I just felt like, ‘What the hell are you doing? Like, who are you? How are you so not self-aware?’”

“Even right after that moment,” Bethenny recalled. “She was like, ‘Well I’ve been going through a lot.’”

“I don’t want to be like, ‘I’ve been going through a lot, but I’ve been through a little bit this year.’”

Bethenny played a major role in Luann’s intervention in the summer of 2018, after her brief but serious relapse.

But when Luann started drinking again in May of this year, Bethenny says that she was not in the loop.

On Watch What Happens Live, she told Andy Cohen that she doesn’t know “what’s going on.”

“I think she’s doing the best that she can. …” Bethenny speculated.

“She’s shooting videos and doing her cabaret,” she added. “So she seems fine.”

Seems fine … but she doesn’t actually know.

“I’m out, you know what I mean?” Bethenny shared.

That said, it’s not like she no longer cares.

She adds: “But I would do it again if something really bad happened.”

“I like the distance from the situation,” Bethenny explains.

Luann saw that interview … and was positively fuming on social media.

“I don’t owe Bethenny Frankel my life,” Luann tweeted furiously.

The former countess added that “friends are there help each other out.:

In case there was any doubt, Luann then added the hashtag: “#WWHL”

That’s not a subtweet — because Bethenny’s name is right there in plain letters. See for yourself:

Luann had even more to say after this callout.

“Friends don’t keep tabs,” Luann expressed in a subsequent tweet, also including the tag “#WWHL.”

She was clearly peeved with what she interpreted as Bethenny’s feeling that she owed her a debt.

“You don’t help someone and throw it in their face,” Luann tweeted.

This time, she used the tag: “#RHONY.” She wanted to reach a wide audience with her words.

Bethenny Frankel certainly had a hard time over the past year or so.

Remember, she lost her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

While that was certainly what drove her blow-up at Luann and the meltdown that followed on the show, that’s not the only factor.

Bethenny is also fighting a painful, intense custody battle with her awful ex-husband, Jason Hoppy.

She has a lot of stress on her.

We don’t think that she feels that Luann owes her a debt for helping her.

But she clearly wishes that Luann were a little more aware of other people.

Luann de Lesseps: Ordered Back to Prison After Drinking AgainStart Gallery

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Pandora Being Sued For Displaying Song Lyrics

Music publishing company Wixen has filed a lawsuit against Pandora for copyright infringement, alleging that the music streaming company displayed lyrics from some of its artists “without valid license or authorization.”

The suit pertains to Pandora displaying lyrics from Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, Weezer and several other Wixen artists.

The Pandora suit claims infringement over roughly 100 songs, including Cake‘s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” The Doors‘ “Riders on the Storm,” and Petty’s “It’s Good to be King” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.”

“Plaintiff brings this action against Pandora to obtain redress for the massive and continuing unauthorized commercial exploitation by Pandora of the lyrics to the musical compositions listed,” reads the lawsuit, which was filed on Monday.

Wixen claims that it notified Pandora about the issue in early 2018, but the latter continued to profit from the alleged “unauthorized display” through subscription fees and advertising revenue.

“Pandora’s infringement is therefore willful and deliberate,” the lawsuit says.

Although Pandora partners with licensing companies like LyricFind to source its lyrics, along with the rights to display them, Wixen argues that those licensing agreements, including the ones attained by LyricFind, don’t cover work by its clients.

This is the second major lawsuit brought by Wixen against a music streaming company. In December 2018, it settled a $1.6 billion suit against Spotify over mechanical licenses.

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Jill Duggar Wore Pants to Father-in-Law’s Grave, Pissed Off Fundie Fans

Counting On fans have been putting Jill Duggar through the wringer ever since the recent passing of her grandmother, Mary Duggar.

The dabate over whether she’s mourning properly is a fresh challenge for Jill, as commentors typically just focus on dissecting her every wardrobe choice.

But now that Jill’s worn one of her ‘modern’ outfits to her father-in-law’s grave site, fans have the opportunity to judge her on both counts at once!

We first caught a glimpse of Jill wearing an airy white blouse and olive green pants last week in her Father’s Day Instagram post.

Jill and her kids accompanied her husband’s family to her father-in-law’s grave to pay their respects for the holiday. 

As her caption shows, the focus of the post was on togetherness, familial love, and the solemnity of the occasion.

“It was so special getting to visit my father-in-law’s grave today and take new flowers,” Jill wrote.

“Father’s Day is hard for those who have lost theirs,” she added.

Jill concluded with the cherry blossom emoji, a symbol of the fleeting nature of life in Japanese culture — an astute choice, if intentional.

But as the top comment demonstrates, many fans were more concerned with her fashion choices.

“Where r ur pants from?!” the commentor asks.

Whenever a celebrity makes an appearance, it’s common for the outfit to overshadow the occasion. Jill Duggar is probably used to that by now.

Taking things in stride, Jill has now returned to Instagram with a new post responding to all the attention her Father’s Day outfit received.

In the post, Jill models the same outfit, but in a clearer photo, unobscured by shadows or family members.

“I’ve had several inquiries about this first outfit after I posted a pic in a recent post, so I wanted to share a bit more,” Jill wrote in the caption.

Jill revealed that the olive pants, as well as a striped top from another photo came from Juniper Anne Boutique.

Elisheba Beery, a friend of Jill’s sister-in-law, recently opened the store in memory of her own sister who passed away.

Jill tagged both Beery and the boutique in her caption, which also revealed that 10% of the profits go to a shelter for abused women.

As usual, fans had wildly mixed responses to the ensemble and to the post itself.

“You look cute in pants,” one commentor said, “And you look perfectly modest.”  A modest compliment for a “modest” look?

“Glad to see you are embracing pants now,” said another. “Nothing wrong with wearing pants and also you are rocking them!!”

To be clear, Jill isn’t exactly new to wearing pants, but she’s been appearing in them more often.

Some fans see this as indication that Jill is breaking away from the Duggar family’s extremely conservative traditions. 

“I wish people would hush about you girls living your own lives once you got married,” wrote one supportive fan who also grew up as a preacher’s kid.

“Once I was on my own, I did what I felt was right for me,” the fan explained, concluding, “Now I live my life to my own convictions. Proud of you!!”

Not all fans were as suppotive of the look, with one suggesting, “Iron your pants you are modeling them for $”

Another seemed to agree, writing “Iron and sunglasses would complete the look.”

Sure, an iron wouldn’t have the look, but the gal’s not on the runway here. Overall we think the outfit is pretty cute, and she looks happy in it. 

But some fans took issue with her apparent happiness, scandalized that Jill isn’t miserable enough over her grandmother Mary’s recent passing!

“I never seen a family smile so much when a loved one has died,” wrote one incensed commentor.

“All of you have posted one photo after another smiling and this is really disgraceful,” the commentor added.

This isn’t the first time Jill’s been grilled about her conduct in the wake of Mary’s passing. 

But we all grieve in our own way, and if Jill found a way to be happy during a difficult time, we should let her have that.

Notably, the origin of Jill’s white blouse is still a mystery, but commentors have been asking about that as well.

Will Jill make another post letting fans know where they can score one like it? Only tiime will tell.

Jill Duggar Encourages U.S. Wives to Rail Their Husbands Many, Many Times Per WeekStart Gallery

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Pupils forced to sleep in scorching heat as punishment for being noisy

Two kindergarten pupils are forced to sleep under the sun on a scorching day as punishment because ‘they were too noisy’

  • Boy and girl were forced out into the hot sun for being too loud during naptime
  • The teacher ordered the children to sleep outside on the 33C day as punishment
  • The instructor has been fired and the kindergarten has been ordered to close

Two kindergarten pupils in south-east China were forced by their teacher to sleep in the midday sun as punishment for being too noisy in class. 

Footage circulating on social media shows a boy lying on the ground in the courtyard and a girl standing next to him holding a quilt at a school in Longhai, Fujian province on Wednesday, when temperatures soared to 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit).

The teacher ordered the children to go out in the sun because they were being too loud and disturbed their classmates during nap time, according to Chinese media. 

Footage circulating on social media shows a boy lying on the ground in the courtyard and a girl standing next to him holding a quilt at a school in Longhai, Fujian province on Wednesday, when temperatures soared to 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees Fahrenheit)

The teacher, surnamed Guo, has been fired from the Da Feng Che Kindergarten and the school had been ordered to close, according to the Longhai city education bureau in a statement.

The children remained under the sun for two minutes, it added.  

The school has been ordered to make improvements, and may still face further punishment in the form of fines or formal warnings, according to the Straits Guide.

Net users were shocked by the incident, calling the teacher a ‘cruel person’. 

The teacher ordered the children to go out in the sun because they were being too loud and disturbed their classmates during nap time

The teacher, surnamed Guo, has been fired from the Da Feng Che Kindergarten and the school had been ordered to close, according to the Longhai city education bureau in a statement

‘How did this person become an educator? This is unacceptable!’ one comment read on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. 

‘They should have a blacklist of the education industry,’ another said.

‘Isn’t this physical abuse?’ one said.  

‘There could have been some really serious consequences if the children had kept sleeping there,’ another comment read.

Various incidents of child abuse in recent years have haunted China’s pre-school industry.

Experts have previously told South China Morning Post that abuse in mainland schools was due to a mindset widely accepted in society that adults can use methods they themselves deem appropriate, like beating, scolding and emotional abuse or ‘cold violence’ to control or educate children.

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Furious homeowner paints on his OWN home in protest at being forced to pay £25 to park outside his house

A FURIOUS homeowner has painted a bright yellow protest rant on his own home after being forced to pay £25-a-year to park outside.

George Groom, 47, was left raging that he has to fork out for a parking permit on his street, while visitors can park for up to two hours for free.

The row with Northumberland County Council has been going for ten years – with George now upping the ante by daubing the protest across his home near Alnwick town centre.

He said: "The underlying problem is that we've got to pay to park outside our own houses.

"We've been through the official channels, we've complained, my dad contacted an ombudsman a few years back, and it hasn't worked."

And George said he was incensed when the charge was raised from £15 to £25 in April this year.

Motor mechanic George, whose family have owned the home for around 50 years, said the charge meant he had to find another home for the car he inherited from his late father, and that visitors, including his daughter, are unable to stay long.

He said: "There was a consultation about it, but then, the council being the council, said 'you've had your chance to have your say, but we're doing it anyway."

The council argues the scheme is there to help make sure residents have somewhere to park, and says the charge is simply to help cover the costs.

It's the principle of being made to pay to park outside your own house

But George claims the most "frustrating" part is that the council justified the price increase by saying that as things stood, it cost more to administer the scheme than the council collected in permit money.

He argued: "It's the principle of being made to pay to park outside your own house.

"If they would meet us half way, maybe say you get the first one free and then pay for more, you might not be completely happy but you would do it.

"But it's frustrating they won't meet us halfway at all."


The highly visible protest has divided opinion.

On a Northumberland Facebook group, some said they saw George's point, or respected him for trying to make his case public.

But others labelled it "ridiculous" and "an eyesore". One passerby on Wednesday afternoon said: "It spoils the look of the street."

The homeowner himself said: "I do sympathise with people saying it's an eyesore – I could just say 'it's my wall' but I do see their point of view.

"But, one, it will clean off, and two, it's to prove a point, if it gets people talking about it, even if they don't agree, it will get the attention of the council."

A council spokesperson said: "Residents parking schemes aim to protect parking for residents – and this scheme in Alnwick has been in operation for many years.

"The scheme was introduced after consultation with local residents and is in place to allow residents to park at any time and for any length of time, whilst restricting others from parking there for more than two hours during the restricted hours.

"To operate such a scheme it is necessary to have resident permits. For the first time in over 10 years the council has reviewed residents parking schemes, and found that the previous charge of £15 per permit per year did not even meet the cost of administering them, let alone the additional costs of management and enforcement.

"A new annual charge of £25 per permit has therefore been agreed as part of the council's budget setting process. This fee is lower than many other local authority schemes.

"We appreciate that this may be viewed as a significant increase, but it must be looked at in the context of there having been no increase for 10 years, and the council's need to protect vital frontline services. Even with this increase the council still subsidies the cost of parking permits."

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Haley Webb and Kevin Sorbo: The latest sexual harassment scandal

Actress Haley Webb has accused Kevin Sorbo of sexual harassment. Webb tweeted yesterday that Sorbo “pressured” her in a bid to try and make her have sex with him and publicly shamed her on set when she refused.

She also claimed that Sorbo tried to get the director of a film in which they co-starred to “add unnecessary sex scenes” between the two of them.

Webb made the accusation on Twitter yesterday after Sorbo took to the social media site on Tuesday, June 18, to allege that feminists were not defending the outgoing White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders because she isn’t liberal.

“Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders,” Sorbo tweeted. “It seems women’s rights only matter if those women are liberal.”

Although Webb did not give details about her allegation, she and Sorbo are known to have co-starred in the 2015 romantic comedy film Single In South Beach, directed by Alejandro Itkin and Hunter Carson. Webb played the leading role of Amy while Sorbo played Sam in the film.

Sorbo, born in September 1958, is 60 years old, while Webb, who was born in November 1985, is 33 years old.

People have been reacting to Webb’s tweet in response to Sorbo’s comment.

Sorbo is best known for his role as Hercules in the the TV movies (1994) and TV series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995-1999). He also played Captain Dylan Hunt in the sci-fi TV series Andromeda (2000-2005).

This is not the first time that Sorbo has defended Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Twitter. He has also expressed support for President Donald Trump on Twitter. Sorbo is known for publicly professing his Christian faith.

He once claimed that his religious faith limited his Hollywood career because “there is a negativity towards Christians in Hollywood, and a negativity towards people who believe in God.”

He has also defended his endorsement of Donald Trump for President, saying that “Jesus would have voted for Trump.”

Haley Webb is best known to TV audiences for her role as Jennifer Blake in MTV’s Teen Wolf. She played Janet Cunningham in The Final Destination (2009) and Sarah in Rushlights (2013). She co-starred as Lauren Huxley alongside Jason Momoa as Joe Bright in Sugar Mountain (2016).

She played Linda Marshall in the TV movie Fear Bay (2018)

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Theresa May suspends Tory minister Mark Field for grabbing off-grid rabbit-loving protester's neck

THERESA May has suspended a Tory minister who was filmed grabbing a rabbit-loving eco-protester by her neck last night, as police were called in.

The PM was shown footage of MP Mark Field forcibly ejecting the Greenpeace campaigner from the Mansion House dinner in Central London and said it was "very concerning".

Mrs May's spokesperson said today: "The PM has seen the footage and found it very concerning.
"The police have said they are looking into reports over this matter and Mark Field has referred himself to the cabinet office and Conservative party.

"He will be suspended as a minister while investigations take place."

No10 urged the venue to carry out a review of its security given the breach.

Ugly scenes broke out last night after about 40 Greenpeace protesters wearing red dresses stormed the annual banquet for bankers and politicians, where Philip Hammond gave the main speech.

Mr Field, MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, leapt to his feet when Janet Barker walked past his chair at the black-tie dinner.

He then shoved her against a pillar, grabbed the back of her neck and marched her out of the room in shocking footage obtained by ITV News.

Defending his actions, Mr Field insisted he was responding to a "major security breach" – and feared the protesters may have been armed.

The City of London Police confirmed it had received reports of an assault and are investigating, but no arrests have been made.

They said in a statement: "We were called at 21.03 on Thursday 20 June 2019 by security staff at Mansion House after a group of protesters had gained entry to an event being held on the premises and were refusing to leave.

There was no security present and I was for a split second genuinely worried she may have been armed

"Officers arrived and helped security staff escort the protesters out of the building. No arrests were made.

"We have received a small number of third party reports of an assault taking place at the event. These reports are being looked into by police."

The protester was later unveiled to be Ms Barker, who lives on a farm in Wales with her husband and runs a knitting business.

Ms Barker said today she wouldn't be speaking to the police but added: "Maybe he should go to anger management classes."

She told the BBC: "I'm not going to prosecute, I don't want it to end in a mud-slinging match.

"He certainly man-handled me in a way which was very disagreeable to myself, and most people.

"I certainly [did not expect] to be grabbed by the neck and grabbled [sic] out of the room."

Mr Field has apologised to the woman and referred himself for investigation to government bosses.

He told ITV News: "A major security breach occurred at the dinner I attended last night when a large number of protesters suddenly and noisily stormed into Mansion House.

"In the confusion many guests understandably felt threatened and when one protester stormed past me towards the top table I instinctively reacted.

"There was no security present and I was for a split second genuinely worried she may have been armed."

Mr Field's boss Jeremy Hunt, in the final two to become Tory leader and Prime Minister, said today: "Mark has issued a full and unreserved apology. He recognises that what happened as an over reaction.

"But what we need now, in his interests but also in the interests of the lady involved, is a proper independent inquiry by the Cabinet Office, that's whats going to happen."


He added: "As a result I grasped the intruder firmly in order to remove her from the room as swiftly as possible.

"I deeply regret this episode and unreservedly apologise to the lady concerned for grabbing her but in the current climate I felt the need to act decisively to close down the threat to the safety of those present.

"In view of the publicity around this incident I am referring myself to  the Cabinet Office to examine whether there was a breach of the ministerial code, and will of course cooperate fully with their investigation."

Labour called on the Tories to sack the Foreign Office minister for Asia and the Pacific altogether, and remove him from the party.

And former Crown Prosecution Service chief prosecutor Nazir Afzal said the incident was an "assault".

Tory Party Chairman Brandon Lewis said this morning it was "hard for anybody to look at that and not be astonished at what they have seen".

He said the Conservatives would launch their own investigation into what happened to get to the bottom of it.

The incident comes in light of a series of milkshake attacks on politicians.

And it comes just over three years to the day since MP Jo Cox was killed by a far-right madman in her own constituency.

The City of London Corporation said they would review their security in light of the event, after more than two dozen activists stormed the room.

A spokesperson said: "We are investigating last night’s breach of security at Mansion House and will be reviewing arrangements for future events."

“The protesters were swiftly escorted out of Mansion House by security and the City of London Police."

Shadow Women and Equalities minister Dawn Butler described last night's footage as "horrific".

And Labour’s Paul Sweeney MP called it “appalling, aggressive behaviour”.

Hannah Martin, a Greenpeace activist who was part of last night's protest, said Mr Field's actions were "completely disproportionate and unacceptable for a sitting Member of Parliament."

She added: "I am shocked that Peter thinks its acceptable for a man to violently shove a woman up against a marble pillar and then grab her by the neck while pushing her out."

But Tory MP Sir Peter Bottomley insisted that Mr Field had done nothing wrong.

He said: "The woman clearly was trying to create a fuss.

"Most viewers would say it's good that she didn't succeed."

When asked if Mr Field had been heavy-handed, Sir Peter responded: "No, he reversed her direction and she looked as though she went willingly.

"I think there's no reason to criticise Mark Field… Of course it wasn't an assault, it was a reversal of direction."

He said had a police officer had acted in the same way, then it would have been acceptable.

"Mark did what any sensible person would have done to diffuse what could have been a tragic situation," he told Radio 4.

"It's a potentially dangerous situation."

Two female Tories – Maria Caulfield and Vicky Ford said Mr Field would have been hailed as a hero if she had had a weapon on her at the time.

Ms Caufield said: "In this age where politicians have been murdered, jokes are made about throwing acid at us and we have all been threatening.

"No one knows what her motives were."

And Ms Ford added: "The protester was carrying a bag, rushing towards the Governor of the Bank of England and could have been armed. Where was security?"

Ex-minister Alistair Burt said the incident was "obviously disturbing".

But he added: "Mark has done the right thing, apologised to the woman concerned, he's made a statement, hes referred himself to the cabinet secretary."


Protesters wore red evening dresses and sashes emblazoned with "climate emergency" in a bid to "drown out" the chancellor.

But after a short delay Mr Hammond continued his speech, saying:  "The irony is that this is the Government that has just led the world by committing to a zero carbon economy by 2050."

Who is Tory minister Mark Field?

MARK Field, 54, is the Tory MP for the Cities of London and Westminster, and was elected in 2001.

In 2015 he was appointed to be the vice chairman of the party under David Cameron, and stayed in the role under Theresa May.

Since 2017 he's been a foreign office minister – with his brief including Asia and the Pacifics.

He has been married twice, with his ex-wife citing his affair with Liz Truss, who was then a councillor, in their divorce.

He is currently married to Victoria, and the pair have two children, Frederick and Arabella.

Mr Field campaigned to remain in the EU but later voted to trigger Article 50 and deliver Brexit.

He has a majority of 3,148 in his area, and before he went into politics worked as a lawyer.


Mr Hammond began his speech to the 350 assembled guests shortly afterwards.

In the course of his address the Chancellor also challenged the two Tory leadership hopefuls to set out a Brexit "plan B".

And he warned that a no-deal Brexit could damage the economy and risk the break-up of the United Kingdom.

His speech came just hours after everyone but Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt were knocked out for the keys to No10.

The people in this room have been funding climate change, and we're not giving the banks and hedge funds a pass for their unethical investment decisions anymore.

Hunt pipped rival Michael Gove to second place by just two votes, amid claims Johnson had knifed the environment secretary in the back after their 2016 leadership scuffle.

Areeba Hamid, climate campaigner for Greenpeace UK, said the disruption was vital to promoting more awareness among those present.

"This is a climate emergency," she said. "Business as usual is no longer an option.

"The real bottom line, the priority that needs to come before all others, is not profit, revenue or growth, but survival.

"That needs to be recognised in every boardroom and on every balance sheet, starting with the Chancellor's.

"The people in this room have been funding climate change, and we're not giving the banks and hedge funds a pass for their unethical investment decisions anymore.

"The Treasury is the Government's banker. It plays the same role propping up vested interests and blocking progress on climate change.

"But science demands a radical programme of policy interventions and public investment if our economy is to survive the coming storm.

"The serious, sensible, grey-suited grown-ups in the room ignored the warning signs and crashed the economy in 2008.

"We can't afford to let them crash the climate too."

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