How new gun laws could stop some future would-be mass shooters

Laws that have been passed in the aftermath of some of the most extreme instances of gun violence in the U.S. would not have necessarily prevented previous shootings, according to an ABC News analysis.

Interested in Gun Control?

For example, while much focus has been put on curbing the illegal sale of guns, an analysis of all 17 shootings over the last two decades where 10 or more victims died shows that each of the massacres involved legally-purchased guns.

By contrast, other specific legislation – like the banning of bump stocks and the creation of extreme risk protection orders – could potentially have played a role curtailing more than six of the shootings.

“When you have an epidemic, you can’t look at it and say ‘what is the one thing ever that is going to solve the problem?’ It’s always a multitude of solutions,” Kris Brown, the president of Brady, the group formerly known as the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, told ABC News.

“It’s my view that just given the fatalities, or the value of [a] life, preventing one of these is well worth while. You may not prevent them all and we probably won’t, but we can prevent many,” she said.

Friday marks Gun Violence Awareness Day, and states across the country are considering legislation to curb America’s shooting epidemic. Looking back at mass shootings of the past, what laws could have prevented them?

How the shooters get the guns

There have been three mass shootings over the past 20 years where guns were first purchased legally, and were then obtained by the shooters who were under-age and would have been too young to procure a weapon on their own.

That was the case in Columbine, where the guns were bought by so-called straw purchasers, meaning people who are legally allowed – and in this case, old enough – to buy guns who buy them with the intention of selling them to people who cannot buy them directly.

The Sandy Hook and Sante Fe High School shooters both used legally-purchased guns taken from their parents.

The other case where the shooter was able to use a gun that they didn’t buy, and that was in Parkland, Florida, but in that instance, the shooter also had guns of his own, which he legally bought.

The remaining 14 shootings involved guns that were legally obtained by the shooters themselves. That was true in San Bernardino, the shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard and the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, among others.

Background checks

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that between February 1994 and December 2015, there have been 3 million cases where a background check has prevented someone from getting a gun.

David Chipman, a senior policy advisor at gun violence prevention advocacy group Giffords and former ATF special agent, and other advocates say these checks have kept an untold number of guns out of the hands of potentially dangerous people.

But in some cases the background check didn’t work, and information that might have prevented an individual from getting a gun was not shared.

The shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, which left 26 people and an unborn child dead, prompted a review by the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) because that shooter should have been prevented from legally obtaining a weapon because he had previously been convicted of a crime in military court.

And officials confirmed to ABC News that the shooter at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, who killed 49 people, had been interviewed by the FBI three times prior to the shooting in connection to two other cases, but that information would not have shown up in a background check because the cases were closed.

“Reasonable people would agree we can’t predict how many” incidents have been prevented by stopping people who fail background checks from legally obtaining guns, said Chipman.

“But could it be one? A hundred? A thousand? Knowing how just one person can do so much damage we would assume on a number of occasions something was prevented by that or delayed,” he said.

Can a judge intervene?

Another possible solution that has been taken up by various states is the creation of extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs), which — though the specifics differ state to state – allow for law enforcement officers, family members or community members to report concerns about a gun owner. A judge can then decide that an individual’s guns be taken away temporarily, regardless of whether there is a protective order in place.

So far, 13 states and the District of Columbia have some form of ERPO in place, and similar laws will go into effect in New York and New Jersey in August and September, respectively.

It is impossible to say with complete certainty which shooters would have warranted enough cause for alarm before the shooting to prompt an ERPO, should one have existed in their state, but Brown said that cases could be argued for the shooters in Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Columbine and the Aurora movie theater shooting.

There is one that’s she’s certain about, however: the alleged Parkland shooter, who has not yet gone to trial.

Brown said that “there were so many signs on social media, from educators, from other students,” about the former student, who is charged with killing 17 students and educators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas.

“He is precisely the kind of profile that would be the kind of profile that an extreme risk order would be issued by a court,” she said. “Had a similar law been effect in Florida that could have been prevented.”

Instead, Florida was one of the states that has since put ERPOs into effect after a massacre.

Slowing the carnage

Another action that came after a deadly wakeup call was the Trump administration’s banning of bump stocks, devices that allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger. The shooter in Las Vegas who killed 58 victims used such devices in the October 2017 massacre, and the tools were eventually banned in December 2018 and the law went into effect in March.

Restricting the speed at which a shooter can fire has also been addressed by states which limit high-capacity magazines, which Brown said is not only helpful in that it will slow down the shooting but also because it provides an opportunity for people to fight back against the attacker.

Brown called the reloading period “one of the more dangerous times for the shooter.”

Chipman agreed, pointing to such an interlude as the time when someone was able to attack the attacker who opened fire at an Arizona grocery store in 2011 where then-Rep. Gabby Giffords and others were injured and six were killed.

For his part, Chipman likened the idea of preventing gun violence to that of preventing public health crises.

“People take the flu shot because they want to raise their chances of not getting the flu. It’s not perfect,” he said, noting that some people who do get the flu shot can still get the flu.

“It’s not perfect, but there do seem to be some firearms-related policies that attempt to limit the damage when someone chooses to act out with a gun,” he said.

“I don’t think we should shy away from policies that would provide progress rather than perfection,” he said.

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Ayo Davis Upped To Head Of Talent and Casting For ABC Entertainment & Disney+

Ayo Davis has been named to the newly created position of EVP, Talent and Casting, ABC Entertainment and Disney+.

Davis, most recently Head of Talent and Casting for ABC Entertainment and ABC Studios, will continue to oversee casting for the broadcast network while also adding oversight of Disney’s Direct-to-Consumer and International segment, working closely with the Disney+ team across all scripted and unscripted content. She will report to ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke.

Following the completion of the Disney-Fox deal, ABC Studios became part of a combined Disney Television Studios unit whose casting is widely expected to be overseen by longtime 20th Century Fox TV head of casting Sharon Klein.

Davis is the first senior Disney entertainment TV executive to get crossover duties since Disney’s Bob Iger realigned the company last year, putting Direct-to-Consumer and International in a distribution unit under Kevin Mayer, separate from content. Peter Rice oversees all entertainment and news TV properties for the combined Disney-Fox assets, including all production.

Davis’ promotion is part of a new contract she recently negotiated with Disney. Over the past year, she had been courted for high-profile jobs by other big media companies.

“Ayo has an unbeatable track record of discovering new talent and attracting the industry’s most skilled and accomplished artists,” said Burke. “We are excited to have her continue to lead our casting team and its initiatives, with added responsibilities at Disney+ as the Company launches this vital new area of business.”

A 16-year ABC Casting veteran, Davis was named head of Talent and Casting for the studio and network in 2016 after holding the post on an interim basis for six months. She has been instrumental in casting such signature ABC series as The Good Doctor; the Emmy-winning American Crime, Peabody-winning black-ish and How to Get Away with Murder, for which Viola Davis became the first African American actress to win Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy. She has championed the careers of Eva Longoria, Jesse Williams and Gina Rodriguez, among others.

Prior to being named head of Talent and Casting for the studio, Davis was SVP, Talent and Casting, ABC Entertainment Group. In that role, she oversaw all scripted prime-time casting for the ABC network. Additionally, she helped to lead the implementation and launch of the ABC Discovers Initiative, which includes several programs aimed at finding and nurturing up-and-coming talent from around the world.

Davis joined ABC Casting more than 16 years ago, overseeing such pilots as the Emmy Award-winning series Lost, Desperate Housewives and Grey’s Anatomy.

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Joey Barton gets married to Georgia McNeil at lavish country house

Joey Barton gets married to Georgia McNeil at lavish Oxfordshire country house with football agent who was convicted for killing policeman as one of his ushers

  • Fleetwood Town manager, 36, married Miss McNeil at Aynhoe Park, Banbury
  • Photos from Grade-I listed house show a pink heart-shaped balloon archway 
  • Newlyweds have two children, Cassius, 7, and Pietà, who turned five today
  • One groomsmen, Andrew Taylor, was convicted for battering officer to death  

Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton married Georgia McNeil at a lavish country house in Oxfordshire today.

The ex-Manchester City midfielder, 36, had several groomsmen including Andrew Taylor – who was previously convicted for battering a policeman to death. 

Barton and Miss McNeil chose Aynhoe Park in Banbury as the venue for their special day, with photos from the house showing a heart-shaped pink and white balloon archway.

A sweet clip from Miss McNeil’s Instagram story from last night shows her next to a fire pit, with the video captioned: ‘The night before the big day…’  

The pair have two children together – Cassius, seven, and Pietà, who turned five today. 

Fleetwood Town manager Joey Barton married Georgia McNeil, pictured together, at Aynhoe Park in Banbury, Oxfordshire, earlier today

The pair have two children together – Cassius, seven, and Pietà, who turned five today. Pictured: Miss McNeil on her hen do

A sweet clip from Miss McNeil’s Instagram story from last night shows her next to a fire pit, with the video captioned: ‘The night before the big day…’

The stately manor house has proved popular with a number of celebrities in recent years, playing host to Ed Sheeran’s birthday party and Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade’s wedding.

Aynhoe Park is a 17th-century Grade-I listed manor house, and the grounds overlook the deer park. 

The ex-Manchester City midfielder, 36, had several groomsmen including Andrew Taylor (pictured) – who was previously convicted for battering a policeman to death

The price for hiring out the entire house – which includes 28 bedrooms – for two days starts at £42,500. Use of the grounds for a marquee costs extra, beginning at £4,000.

The news comes after Barton’s stag do descended into an ‘extremely violent’ mass brawl as one of the former footballer’s friends allegedly punched three men last month. 

One holidaymaker told The Sun that the scrap ruined the Bank Holiday atmosphere on Towan Beach in Newquay, Cornwall, as parents dragged their children away from the scene as it descended into chaos.

Barton had been drinking and running races with his friends. Suddenly, a man from another group rugby-tackled a friend of the former Newcastle United player. 

His friend quickly retaliated, hitting three of the group, according to the witness.

The fight only ended when the second group fled Barton’s party. Police say they have not received any report of an incident. 

Barton’s spokesman told the Sun: ‘Joey categorically denies being involved.’    

Taylor was convicted alongside Timmy Donovan in 2015 for killing police officer Neil Doyle with a ‘piledriver’ blow while on a Christmas night out with colleagues in Liverpool city centre.

He was released on unescorted home visits, the final stage before total jail release, in September 2017 – just two years into his prison sentence.

Barton and Miss McNeil chose Aynhoe Park in Banbury as the venue for their special day. Pictured: their daughter Pietà ahead of the wedding today

Snaps from Instagram show the venue decorations, including a beautiful heart-shaped balloon archway. The stately manor house has proved popular with a number of celebrities in recent years, playing host to Ed Sheeran’s birthday party and Mick Jagger’s daughter Jade’s wedding

The news comes after Barton’s stag do descended into an ‘extremely violent’ mass brawl as one of the former footballer’s friends allegedly punched three men last month. Pictured: The Central Bar in Newquay, where Barton and his friends are said to have visited

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Nigel Farage urges voters to ‘shock the political establishment’ by electing Brexit Party’s first MP in Peterborough – The Sun

NIGEL Farage has urged voters to “shock the political establishment to its core” and elect the Brexit Party’s first MP today.

The party is going head to head against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour in the knife-edge Peterborough by-election.

Mr Farage urged Brits furious with the failure to deliver Brexit to give the boot to MPs in the Westminster bubble.

He told The Sun: “There is a chance to send a message as big as the EU election results – to shock the political establishment to its core.”

Brexit Party hopeful Mike Greene, 54, is a retail tycoon who has appeared on The Secret Millionaire.

He is going up against Labour’s Lisa Forbes to try to clinch the Brexit backing seat.

And Mr Farage – who has tried and failed to get elected to the House of Commons seven times – is out in Peterborough today to get the vote out for his party.

He said if the 8-week old party manages to get an MP elected it will be a “bigger shock” to Westminster than his storming victory on the Euro elections.

The election battle was sparked after disgraced Labour MP Fiona Onasanya was sacked by her constituents after being found guilty of lying in court.
A spokesman for Theresa May said she would “urge the voters of Peterborough to vote Conservative”.

But the Tories are braced for a real kicking at the ballot box amid fury at their failure to deliver Brexit on time.

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The top 18 states rich millennials are moving to

  • Rich American millennials are making moves.
  • SmartAsset recently ranked the top states rich millennials are moving to.
  • As it turns out, rich millennials favor coastal states, but aren’t fans of northeastern states.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Rich millennials are on the move.

SmartAsset recently used data from the IRS 2015 to 2016 tax year to take a look at the states wealthy millennials are moving to. It definedrich millennials as those individuals younger than 35 who have an adjusted gross income of $100,000 or more. SmartAsset ranked each state by net migration, which it determined by subtracting the number of millennials moving out of the state from the number of millennials moving into the state.

Turns out,rich millennials crave a coastal lifestyle — seven of the top 10 states millennials are moving to are on the East Coast or West Coast. And the northeast isn’t popular among rich millennials: Only four states in the region — New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont — rank among the top states rich millennials are moving to.

Below, see the top 18 states attractingrich millennials. We arrived at this list by including all states in SmartAsset’s findings that have a positive net migration — the states more rich millennials are moving into than out of.

18. Kansas — Wichita, Kansas, has been undergoing a downtown renovation in the past decade, attracting urban-dwelling millennials.

Number of millennials moved in: 1,201

Number of millennials moved out: 1,195

Net migration: 6

Source:Smart Growth America,The Wichita Eagle

17. Vermont — Vermont recently offered Americans up to $10,000 to move to the state and work remotely.

Number of millennials moved in: 232

Number of millennials moved out: 200

Net migration: 32


16. Hawaii — The Aloha State is a science hub, conducting much of the nation’s climate and astronomy research.

Number of millennials moved in: 647

Number of millennials moved out: 605

Net migration: 42


15. Montana — Montana yields many opportunities for entrepreneurs and is close to nature, providing a lifestyle many can’t find in big cities.

Number of millennials moved in: 371

Number of millennials moved out: 312

Net migration: 59

Source:ABC Fox Montana

14. Maine — Through its Educational Opportunity Tax Credit program, Maine helps college graduate residents pay off their student debt.

Number of millennials moved in: 361

Number of millennials moved out: 264

Net migration: 97


13. New Hampshire — New Hampshire is attractive, in part, to young adults because of its low unemployment rates.

Number of millennials moved in: 913

Number of millennials moved out: 747

Net migration: 166

Source:New Hampshire Union Leader

12. Idaho — Idaho Falls is attracting millennials with its restaurant scene and recreational activities.

Number of millennials moved in: 614

Number of millennials moved out: 398

Net migration: 216

Source:Local News 8

11. Georgia — Atlanta has a strong start-up scene, and the city has the third-largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the country, from Coca Cola and Delta to Home Depot and Porsche.

Number of millennials moved in: 3,834

Number of millennials moved out: 3,525

Net migration: 309


10. New Jersey — Located across the Hudson River from New York City, New Jersey offers a more affordable housing alternative for those who work in the city.

Number of millennials moved in: 6,543

Number of millennials moved out: 6,197

Net migration: 346


9. Tennessee — Nashville has become a top city for new college grads, thanks to its growing tech industry and affordable cost of living.

Number of millennials moved in: 2,423

Number of millennials moved out: 2,033

Net migration: 390

Source:Biz Journals,WKRN

8. South Carolina — Charleston was hailed as a “millennial magnet” by USA Today because of its start-up economy and arts and restaurant scene.

Number of millennials moved in: 1,695

Number of millennials moved out: 1,392

Net migration: 573

Source:USA Today

7. North Carolina — Raleigh and Charlotte, with their plentiful job opportunities and high pay, are major attractions for millennials.

Number of millennials moved in: 4,572

Number of millennials moved out: 3,786

Net migration: 786

Source:The News & Observer

6. Oregon — Portland has many neighborhoods, a relatively affordable cost of living, and a booming economy. The city offers plenty of jobs with high salaries away from the competition elsewhere on the West Coast.

Number of millennials moved in: 2,190

Number of millennials moved out: 1,304

Net migration: 886

Source:Business Insider

5. Florida — Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa are hot cities for millennials; the latter has been dubbed a “city-on-the-rise” for its beach proximity, low unemployment rate, and beer scene.

Number of millennials moved in: 6,014

Number of millennials moved out: 5,114

Net migration: 900

Source:10 News,Curbed,

4. Colorado — Millennials have been flocking to Denver for its numerous high-paying jobs, reasonable commutes, and activities. It also gets 300 days of sunshine a year.

Number of millennials moved in: 4,369

Number of millennials moved out: 2,863

Net migration: 1,506

Source:Denver Post,SmartAsset

3. Texas — Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and Houston have become magnets for millennials looking to work for small businesses.

Number of millennials moved in: 10,890

Number of millennials moved out: 9,012

Net migration: 1,878


2. Washington — Home to Amazon and Microsoft headquarters, the Seattle metro area is a thriving tech center.

Number of millennials moved in: 5,729

Number of millennials moved out: 3,809

Net migration: 1,920

Source:The New York Times

1. California — Silicon Valley draws millennials looking to work in the tech industry. And with plenty of national parks and beaches, California has plenty to offer outdoors.

Number of millennials moved in: 17,245

Number of millennials moved out: 13,648

Net migration: 3,597


SEE ALSO:25 of the top ZIP codes where rich millennials are snapping up homes across the US

DON'T MISS:Here's exactly what millennials should be doing every five years to become rich, according to a financial planner

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Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski & More Stars Rock Sexy Slip Dresses With Sneakers — Pics

The latest spring trend taking Hollywood by storm is slip dresses with sneakers, and some of our fave celebs have been rocking the look lately.

Hailey Baldwin, 22, was out and about in LA on June 5 when she tried the sexy trend. Hailey rocked a slinky, spaghetti strap Aym Seymour Dress in Wine Red which was skin-tight and featured a ruched skirt that had a slit on the side, showing off her long, lean legs. On top of the dress, she chose to cover up with an oversized cropped black leather jacket that hung off her shoulders, which dressed down the look. However, what truly dressed down her ensemble were her white Adidas Originals A.R. Leather Sneakers which she wore with high white ankle socks. She topped her entire look off with a black leather Balenciaga Sharp Satchel, square Le Specs the Flash Sunglasses, and a pretty layered Jennifer Meyer 3 Prong Diamond Necklace. Hailey always manages to pull off whatever look she wears, and this isn’t the first time she rocked a fancy dress with accessories that dressed it down.

Emily Ratajkowski, 27, was a ray of sunshine when she went grocery shopping in LA on April 22, wearing a sexy yellow slip dress. The silk midi Olivia Von Halle Issa Slip Dress featured thin spaghetti straps and a plunging v-neckline that showed off some cleavage, as she went completely braless underneath, but her bright yellow frock was a bit baggy and loose on her svelte frame. She accessorized with a pair of black cat-eye Oliver Peoples Bianka Sunglasses, a long pendant necklace, and her go-to white Nike Air Force 1 Sneakers. The model’s slip dress reminds us a lot of the yellow silk frock she donned to Marc Jacobs’ wedding in New York City on April 6. Her look for the wedding was much more dressed up as she donned a buttery silk yellow Saks Potts dress with a choker neck and a plunging neckline that she went completely braless under, showing off insane cleavage, paired with gold metallic Jimmy Choo ankle-strap sandals.

Another celeb that just tried the trend was Kylie Jenner, 21, while she was out furniture shopping with her beau, Travis Scott, 27, on April 22 in West Hollywood. Kylie donned a champagne silk slip dress with a v-neckline and a form-fitting skirt with a plunging slit on the side that started at her hip. On top of the sexy dress she opted to wear a crisp white blazer, which is also right on trend. Topping her look off were a pair of chunky Chanel Logo Triple White Sneakers and a small, $710 L’AFSHAR Ida bag in pearl iridescent white. Kylie’s sisters rocked the trend over the weekend when the KarJenners headed to Coachella to see Kanye West perform his Sunday Service on Easter, April 21, when they all dressed up in silk white gowns for the ceremony. Kourtney Kardashian, 40, opted to wear a sheer white spaghetti-strap Silk Laundry 90’s Silk Slip Dress in Ivory with a low-cut neckline. The low neck showed off ample cleavage, which was pouring out of the top of the dress, as she paired the slinky long dress with a pair of white leather Timberland boots and a skinny pair of wire sunglasses. Khloe Kardashian, 34, opted to wear a slinky $795 champagne Orseund Iris Ruched Satin Dress which had drawstrings on both sides allowing her to adjust the length of the dress, which she did when she pulled up one side, making the midi dress asymmetrical and much shorter on one side. She paired her dress with a pair of unlaced tan Timberland boots, which she kept open, and a pair of oversized black square sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner, 23, opted to wear something very similar to Kourtney when she threw on a silk white thin-strapped Nili Lotan Isabella Cami tucked into a Nili Lotan Azalea Maxi Skirt, making it look like a dress. The camisole top bunched over, flowing into a long, slinky maxi skirt, with an insanely plunging slit on the side that showed off her amazingly long legs. She paired the dress with a pair of tan, chunky Yeezy 500 Desert Rat Sneakers, Gentle Monster Chapssal Sunglasses, and big gold swirl Misho Mini Configure Mismatched Hoop Earrings.

Kendall’s BFF, Hailey, got the memo when she also attended Kanye’s Sunday Service at Coachella. The recently married model donned a slinky, 100% silk Bec & Bridge Classic Midi Dress in Gold, which featured a scoop neckline that Hailey went braless under. She cinched in the waist of the skinny strapped dress with a black Versace Tribute Leather Belt, and paired the fancy dress with a pair of white Adidas Continental Sneakers. She accessorized her look with chunky gold Jennifer Fisher Jamma Hoop Earrings and oversized black Celine Cl41468 Edge Sunglasses. Click through the gallery above to see all of the stars who have tried the trend recently.

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Boozy Brit teen who plummeted 26ft from Magaluf balcony survives with broken ankle

The 19-year-old reportedly plummeted from the balcony at around 3.20am on Punta Ballena in Magaluf.

According to police sources reported by local newspaper Diario de Mallorca, the teen, who’s name has not been revealed, “was drunk and under the effects of cocaine” when he fell.

Emergency services scrambled to the scene following calls from horrified witnesses.

On 31st May, an 18-year-old Swedish tourist was seriously injured after falling from a height of 10ft in the resort.

Last season, six young people died after falling in Majorca and many were seriously injured.

Most of the falls were caused by the consumption of alcohol, and the majority happened in Calvia, where Magaluf is located.

As this is a common problem among tourists visiting the city, the city council of Calvia launched a campaign in the UK called Return Trip two months ago.

The campaign’s main target are people between 15 and 29 years old, especially from the UK and Ireland, in order to fight against drunk tourism.

The main message of Return Trip is understanding risks, knowing your limits and how mixing fun and alcohol could be dangerous.

The campaign is focused on social media and pamphlets are given out to people visiting the area. 

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Why the world can thank American exceptionalism for successful D-Day

General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower commanded the battle for Europe — and for the soul of Western civilization — that unfolded over France’s Cotentin Peninsula 75 years ago this morning.

But it was Henry Ford who won it.

For it was America’s Ford-inspired assembly lines — the nation’s vast industrial capacity — that pumped out the ships, planes, guns and gear that made victory in Normandy and beyond not only possible but virtually inevitable.

Nothing like D-Day had ever been seen before and never will be seen again — a righteous undertaking that probably would have been unnecessary had European leadership not quailed before Adolf Hitler’s malign rise in the 1930s.

But when the invasion came, it was awesome.

It has been said, often only half-jokingly, that on June 6, 1944, a man might have hopped across the English Channel on the decks of the 6,939 warships, landing craft and combat-support vessels arrayed before the five invasion beaches as the predawn fog lifted on that historic morning.

By June 6, Allied air forces had long since swept the Luftwaffe from the skies over Western Europe — no invasion would have been possible had they not done so — but 11,500 US and British warplanes went aloft on that day anyway, delivering some 17,000 tons of bombs and reducing key defensive strong points to smoldering ruins.

There were 1.5 million US soldiers stationed in England as the battle began; 156,000 US and British soldiers either crossed the beaches or parachuted into Normandy on the first day — the vanguard of armies of millions that would effectively clear France of Germans by early fall.

This outcome, in retrospect, was preordained, but it surely didn’t seem so on June 6. The Wehrmacht was legendarily ferocious in defense — and thus Eisenhower had prepared a terse statement acknowledging an invasion failure and taking full, personal responsibility for it.

More On:


World War II hero survives hammer attack to attend D-Day events

UK government treats D-Day veterans to free eight-day cruise

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Dramatic photos show scenes from D-Day, then and now

Certainly, very heavy casualties were anticipated.

In the event, “Saving Private Ryan” notwithstanding, the D-Day butcher’s bill was relatively modest — with some 10,000 Allied soldiers killed, wounded or missing. There were 4,500 fatalities — 2,500 of whom were American — but it is no dishonor to Normandy veterans to note that this would have been considered a day off on the Eastern Front.

And it was, in very fundamental ways, the Eastern Front that was at issue on June 6. The Soviet Union had been hemorrhaging blood since Germany’s invasion three years earlier — and Joseph Stalin had been demanding a second front in Western Europe to take pressure off his gravely wounded nation almost as soon as Hitler declared war on the US on Dec. 11, 1941.

US Army Chief of Staff George C. Marshall also favored an early attack in northwestern Europe; the British, still traumatized by the trenches of 1914-1918, strongly opposed this — producing strategic friction that continued for most of the war.

Still, a successful early invasion would have been close to impossible anyway.

First, America’s assembly lines — its astonishing capacity to produce beans, bullets, bombs and the ships to deliver them — had to be brought up to speed. And so they were.

Simultaneously, the near-existential ­U-boat threat — Germany had been sinking Allied shipping faster than it could be replaced — had to be eliminated. And so the Battle of the Atlantic was prosecuted to victory by May 1943. Only then could invasion preparations proceed.

They did, in spades, and 10 months after D-Day, in the smoking wreckage of Berlin, Adolf Hitler committed suicide and Germany soon surrendered.

Is there contemporary relevance in all this? The likelihood of massed tanks slashing across Europe is quite remote, reducing the need for response in kind to near zero. And, anyway, modern satellite surveillance and precision munitions have long since rendered the conduct of large-scale industrialized warfare virtually impossible.

But just as times change, so do threats. Today’s Western leaders — relieved of one existential peril by the collapse of the Soviet Union — now must contend with nibble-around-the-edges challenges from Islamic fundamentalism and Chinese encroachments.

These aren’t nearly so dramatic as invading armored columns, but they present a threat that — left to fester and given sufficient time — could prove equally lethal.

So if there is a useful lesson to be taken from D-Day, now 75 years in the world’s rearview mirror, it’s that prevention trumps cure — the latter generally being painful, expensive and, all too often, bloody.

Bob McManus is a contributing editor of the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal.

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'America's Got Talent': Howie Mandel Gives a Reason for His Controversial Golden Buzzer Choice

The biggest moments during the auditions of America’s Got Talent tend to be when a judge hits a golden buzzer to send a contestant straight to the finals. Season 14 has just kicked off and two judges already hit their buzzers.

The first one went viral and got an emotional reaction from fans. The second one has people worried. Find out why fans are having a heated reaction and why Howie Mandel went with his choice.

Kodi Lee previously got the first golden buzzer of the season

Kodi Lee brought the house down by singing a song and playing piano. He is 22 years old and is blind and autistic.

“We found out that he loved music really early on,” his mother Tina Lee said before the performance. “Through music and performing, he was able to withstand living in this world. Because when you’re autistic, it’s really hard to do what everyone else does. It actually has saved his life, playing music.”

The judges were very impressed by the end. “What just happened there was extraordinary,” said Simon Cowell. “Your voice is absolutely fantastic; you have a really beautiful tone. Thank you so much for trusting us on this show. I’m going to remember this moment for the rest of my life.”

Gabrielle Union decided to hit her golden buzzer for Lee. The moment went viral and even Oprah Winfrey tweeted about it with “Love this moment so much! Stood up and cheered in my living room. #KodiLee #AmericasGotTalent.”

Howie Mandel revealed why he chose Joseph Allen for his golden buzzer

The 21-year-old singer performed an original song for his audition. It was so good that Mandel stepped on his golden buzzer for him.

“I was waiting for an inexplicable moment,” Mandel told People when it came to his buzzer. He revealed what all his golden buzzer choices have in common.

“The most gratifying experiences are always my golden buzzer moments because my golden buzzer moments are the most in the moment, emotional and heartfelt,” the judge said. “The way it looks on the stage with that huge noise and that golden confetti is exactly the way I feel. If you can visualize an emotion, that’s what’s going on in my heart when it happens.”

The performance got a mixed reaction from fans

Not everyone is happy for the contestant making it through to the finals. Some think the competition is already getting stacked with singers. Others thought Allen’s performance wasn’t good enough to get the buzzer.

However, there were some people who shared their excitement over the moment. There was a video of people celebrating in a restaurant. Some admitted to crying out of happiness for the songwriter.

Only time will tell if Allen can win over voters and the judges again later in the competition. Fans seem to be hoping for acts that don’t involve singing will get the celebration and confetti as well.

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'Men in Black International' Trailer: New Aliens, High-Flying Action, and Flat Jokes

Men in Black International is coming to theaters next week. The scum of the universe is still giving Earth a hard time, and this time it’s up to seasoned Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) and newcomer Agent M (Tessa Thompson) to handle the problem. This is something MiB has never faced before, because there’s a mole in the agency. What their ultimate goal is, beyond destruction, we’re not sure, and the latest Men in Black International trailer isn’t telling us. Instead, it’s relying on the cool aliens, big action setpieces, and some fairly lame wisecracks.

Men in Black International Trailer

This time the Men in Black also have to deal with a set of aliens known as The Hive, who can turn into anyone – including agents of MiB. However, it seems like the glowing blue eyes would be a dead giveaway, so hopefully they know how to hide those. However, that also sets us up for some kind of twist where one of our heroes is actually the mole inside the agency. Is anyone else’s money on Liam Neeson being the bad guy, even though he’s playing High T, the head of the United Kingdom’s branch of MiB?

So far there’s nothing about this movie from director F. Gary Gray (The Fate of the Furious) that makes it feel like a must-see to me. Sure, the chemistry of Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is good, but the writing doesn’t seem to be on their level. But what could make this next installment of the franchise feel a little more necessary is some kind of direct connection to the original movies. Maybe there’s a cameo by either Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones waiting to surprise us? Seeing one of them working with our new duo would be pretty great.

At the very least, there are a ton of cool new aliens on display here. But my only complaint is that the most prominent creatures featured (including Kumail Nanjiani voicing that little guy Pawny) seem to be created with visual effects. The original trilogy of Men in Black films used a lot of practical effects along with digital imagery, so I hope that’s still present in this movie, too. We’ll find out next week.

See more from Men in Black International in the previous trailer over here.

The Men in Black have always protected the Earth from the scum of the universe. In Men in Black International, they tackle their biggest, most global threat to date: a mole in the Men in Black organization.

Men in Black International arrives in theaters on June 14, 2019.

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