Arsenal fans fight on packed London tube train as shocked onlookers watch on after Europa League defeat to Chelsea

A COUPLE of Arsenal fans were dubbed "animals" after they came to blows on a packed tube following their Europa League humiliation.

Tensions were high as the Gunners missed out on Champions League football yet again with a shocking 4-1 defeat in Baku.

And it obviously proved too much for supporters who were heading home in London.

It was unclear what sparked the initial trouble but two fans were desperate to fight each other as fellow shocked passengers watched on.

From a video posted on social media, they can be heard yelling obscenities before aiming punches and kicks at each other.

Other passengers, presumably friends of the angry pair, were doing their best to hold them back.

As the tube stops to let people off, one of them is clearly heard shouting: "Let's go, let's go. You and your brother let's go. Now that the tube is empty let's f****** go."

The other passenger is adding fuel to the fire by replying: "Come at me bro, come at me bro."

With the other culprit continuing to wind him up, he makes a desperate lunge but is held back by a friend.

The pair then crash to the floor to a chorus of laughs from the other passenger which angers him even more.

One of the guys then appears to completely lose the plot when he starts kicking out at his own mate before the video comes to an end.

Fellow social media users were quick to slate the pair with one calling them "animals."

Another added: "How embarrassing."

And a third said: "From The Invincibles to the Imbeciles."

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