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LEWIS HAMILTON has picked up where he left off last season with the six-time world champion dominating in Austrian GP practice.

Ferrari meanwhile have got their week off to a stuttering start, with pair Charles Leclerc tenth and the outgoing Max Verstappen in twelfth during the first session.

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  • Practice 1 – 1st Lewis Hamilton 2nd Valtteri Bottas 3rd Max Verstappen
  • Practice 2 – 1st Lewis Hamilton 2nd Valtteri Bottas 3rd Sergio Perez
  • Mercedes race in black car in support of Black Lives Matter movement.
  • Sebastian Vettel reveals Ferrari refused to offer him new deal and dumped him over the phone.

    Free Practice 3 is in the books for 11am, UK time tomorrow.

    That session will be a touch shorter than today's practice runs with qualifying up afterwards.

    The 2020 season then truly gets underway at 2pm on Saturday with qualification for the Austrian GP.


    Max Verstappen feels Friday’s running gave little indication of his Red Bull car’s true pace.

    Coming home eighth in FP2, the Dutchman blamed a broken wing for the gap between himself and the front of the pack.

    He told Sky: “I think it was a good day.

    “The lap times didn't really say anything, because I broke my front wing on the fastest lap.

    “But we are, I think, confident. There are always things you can do better, but I think overall, it was a good day, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.”


    Sergio Perez wants Racing Point fans to keep their heads screwed on after a strong first day of running.

    Two solid finishes in FP1 and FP2 meant the Mexican could not be blamed for dreaming of a potential podium in Austria.

    However, he insisted that Saturday’s session, ahead of qualifying will be far more indicative of where the true pace lies.

    He said: “It's been a good day.

    “I think the margins are really close, everything is extremely close, but it's a very small track.

    “I think tomorrow it will be very important to put it together, and we'll see where we really are.

    “We have an idea, but tomorrow is when everyone puts everything together, and it will be good to see us up there.”


    Mercedes chief Toto Wolff has struck back at Red Bull’s DAS protest, urging Christian Horner to shelve plans to scupper F1's triumphant return by launching an appeal.

    Merc are scheduled to meet race stewards at 6:10pm this evening.

    Wolff stated: “All teams are pretty much aware that we are in a sensitive situation with going racing.

    “It's the first race, and I think on one side, it's fair enough to seek clarification, [but] on the other side we are aware that we don't want to end up with a big debate on Sunday.

    “I think Christian is going to take the right actions. Controversy and different judgement on engineering innovation has always been a part of Formula One, and this is what's to be expected in a way and it's part of the risk.”

    He added: “I respect Christian's position. Clarification is always good. We think we are on the right side. There was a lot of talking and exchange with the FIA.

    “That is the reason why we have it on the car, so we will both bring our arguments forward and then let's see.”


    Red Bull have officially protested Mercedes' genius dual-axis system – or DAS.

    The system adjusts the front tyres by pulling in the steering wheel in the same way a pilot pulls back on the controls to take off.

    In doing so, DAS alters the front angle of the wheels to improve tyre life and handling in the corners, making the Mercedes car quicker.

    While DAS was rubber-stamped by the sport's governing body, the FIA, at pre-season testing in Barcelona, leading teams are still unhappy.

    Red Bull boss Christian Horner said: "It's a very clever system. All credit to the ingenuity behind it, but I think the fundamental question for us is does it comply with the regulations in what is a fundamentally grey area?

    "Obviously we do want clarity on it because it does have an impact regarding the rest of this year.

    "It's something that's been outlawed for next year. But the question is, is it right for this year? So these are the questions that we'll be asking of the FIA through the necessary channels."


    Lewis Hamilton says his new purple and black crash helmet is to help him promote the Black Lives Matter movement.

    He said: “This is the whole reason that the helmet has changed colour, the suit has, and also the car. It's supporting equality and continuing to solidify that important message.

    “We currently have the mic, and people are starting to listen. We've got the opportunity to really push that message and really hold people accountable.

    “That's what it's about. I kept the purple from what I planned to start this season, it's my favourite colour, and I hope that you get to see it when I'm in the car.”


    Let's take a look and crunch the numbers for the top ten from FP2..

    McLaren and Racing Point will be chuffed with having two drivers in the points positions and, Mercedes aside, it is hard to mark out any clear pacesetters in the race for the podium.


    1 44 Lewis Hamilton MERCEDES 1:04.304 42

    2 77 Valtteri Bottas MERCEDES 1:04.501 +0.197s 37

    3 11 Sergio Perez RACING POINT 1:04.945 +0.641s 48

    4 5 Sebastian Vettel FERRARI 1:04.961 +0.657s 48

    5 3 Daniel Ricciardo RENAULT 1:04.972 +0.668s 36

    6 4 Lando Norris MCLAREN 1:05.087 +0.783s 38

    7 18 Lance Stroll RACING POINT 1:05.135 +0.831s 48

    8 33 Max Verstappen RED BULL 1:05.215 +0.911s 41

    9 16 Charles Leclerc FERRARI 1:05.298 +0.994s 46

    10 55 Carlos Sainz MCLAREN1:05.352 +1.048s 37


    There was plenty of drama at Turn 1 today.

    We can expect to see plenty more at that part of the track on Sunday as the drivers' pent-up energy is finally unleashed.


    Hamilton is fastest then in what has to be one of the nicest-looking F1 cars of recent years.

    It looks like a designer handbag… but in a GOOD way.


    Formula One chiefs face another headache in piecing together next year's calendar due to the coronavirus.

    The sport, which will see its first race of the season completed this Sunday in Austria, has seen ten races either cancelled or moved this season.

    The second half of this season was due to be announced earlier this week but has been delayed as the COVID-19 pandemic surges through the US and Brazil.

    And the varying infection rates across the globe means F1 is trying to second-guess where it is safe to go racing in 2021.

    FIA medical advisor Professor Eric Caumes said: “There is probably going to be a distinction between countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, other south-east Asian countries plus New Zealand, possibly Australia, where the infection rate will be down to zero — and those other countries where they did not lock down where there will still be a residual infection rate.”


    Distracted by protests? Do me a favour…

    Hamilton is back in the car and dominating. P1 in FP1 and FP2. Make no mistake he means business this season.

    Bottas is second in both sessions and Perez third in what was an encouraging day for Racing Point.

    Alarm bells though for Red Bull, Ferrari and Renault. Haas were also disappointing.


    Hamilton leads Bottas and that man Perez is third again.

    But what has happened to Red Bull? Verstappen is in 8th place and Albon down in 13th. That's not good news for the Milton Keynes-based team.


    Max Verstappen goes off at turn six, unfortunately for him, thats across a huge gravel trap.

    He rumbles across it but fortunately, he's not done any damage to his car and is able to continue.


    No, not taking the knee, but against Mercedes' DAS system. This could be another long old night.

    As yet, there are no appeals against its use. However, Friday night is FIA announcement night.

    Red Bull want some clarification from the FIA, but they are not happy.

    Mercedes don't want them to spoil the great comeback.

    Meanwhile, could a team oppose Racing Point's pink Mercedes?

    It might just all kick off this evening….


    A few nervy moments for Kimi Raikkonen, Lance Stroll and Max Verstappen as all go off track. All escape the barriers and don't do any damage to their cars.

    The track is now scrubbing up and the lap times are tumbling. Bottas leads Perez and Vettel. Hamilton now fourth.

  • A QUICK TOP 10


    He's only bee on the track for seven laps but Lewis Hamilton sits at the top of the timeshees (again). Verstappen is second, Lance Stroll in third.

    We still have an hour to go here, but it is again looking good for the Brit.


    Lewis Hamilton, who topped FP1's timesheets is now out on track for the first time this afternoon. Max Verstappen is currently the fastest on track.



    It has been a miserable day back for Daniil Kvyat. The Russian made a mistake in FP1 and has now spun in FP2. Not a great start to the season.


    FP2 in Austria is go. First out is Romain Grosjean, who missed the majority of FP1 with a brake issue.


    Lewis Hamilton has revealed how the paddock is not the same without it being packed full of people on a Grand Prix weekend.


    Ferrari are running the car which proved to be off the pace in testing before they introduce their updated machine at the scheduled third round in Hungary later this month.

    Charles Leclerc was only 10th here, an eye-watering 1.1 seconds behind Hamilton, with Sebastian Vettel even further back in 12th.

    The four-time world champion could be entering the final year of his career if he is unable to find a seat for 2021 after being dropped by Ferrari.


    What do we think of the world champ's new helmet and livery?

    Very nice if you ask me.


    Lewis Hamilton has been speaking about his new purple and black crash helmet, introduced after Mercedes changed their livery to black to support diversity.

    In a video released on his social channels he revealed the new lid and said: “This is the whole reason that the helmet has changed colour, the suit has, and also the car, it's supporting equality above all, and just really continuing to solidify that important message.

    “We currently have the mic, and people are starting to listen. We've got the opportunity to really push that message and really hold people accountable,” he continued.

    “Brands and the teams in Formula One and everybody here needs to be held accountable and be open to educating themselves, be open to understanding why the movement is happening, and why around the world we need to keep pushing for equality.

    “That's what it's about. I kept the purple from what I planned to start this season, it's my favourite colour, and I hope that you get to see it when I'm in the car.”

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