Fallon Sherrock’s son desperate for darts career and helps mum practice at home

Fallon Sherrock has opened up on how her son Rory is keen to follow his mum into the world of darts.

Sherrock shocked the world last year as she became the first woman to win a match at the PDC World Darts Championship.

She beat Ted Evetts in the first round before surprising world No 11 Mensur Suljovic, though was knocked out by Chris Dobey in the third round.

Sherrock will not appear at the Alexandra Palace this December having failed to progress through the qualifiers.

Though the 26-year-old is staying upbeat and has revealed her son, born in 2014, is keen to become a pro and even helps his mum to train.

Sherrock told Paddy Power: “I never imagined that I would be the person to do what I’ve done in darts when it comes to equality.

“I’ve always been seen as the underdog, so the fact that I’ve had the opportunity, and I’ve done it, I’ve changed the game, is incredible and so unexpected.

“I feel so happy when I see that people are thinking that they can play darts now, whoever it is, women, younger people, anyone.

“Anyone can play darts, not just men, and I feel so privileged to have inspired so many people to do that.

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“It’s been a truly amazing experience to receive all the opportunities I have, all the messages I have, I could have only dreamt of this and I’m living it at the minute!

“My family are so proud of everything I’ve accomplished, and they’re supportive. When I’ve had to go away and travel and do everything I’m doing, they’ve looked after my little boy.

“He always says to me: ‘Mum, you’re on telly!’ Every time I leave to go away he asks me if I’m off to play darts, and it’s at a point now where I am trying to practice at home and I can’t because he wants to play!

“He always just wants to play darts himself and tells me he’s going to hit a bullseye.

“He loves it, loves that I play, and he’s really interested in getting involved in it.”

Fallon Sherrock was speaking exclusively to Paddy Power News. To read more, visit news.paddypower.com

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