Festivus 2020: The airing of grievances, sports edition – The Denver Post

March 12: Coronavirus put the brakes on sports

Denver Broncos need new ownership and fast

Commissioner Rob Manfred is destroying baseball

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich is not the smartest man in the room

Golf rounds are up and tee times are hard to find

CHSAA and the state dropped the ball in 2020

Major League Baseball lost a lot of money and fans

Cancelled games and no fans

The NCAA is a joke

  • Split fall and spring seasons
  • Cancelled games, makeup games
  • Pac-12, Pac-12, Pac-12
  • Bowl games, come on man. 😂
  • Basketball is off to a rocky start for 2020-21
  • New Mexico basketball playing in Arizona
  • New Mexico Bowl is in Texas
  • Rose Bowl moved to Dallas at Jerry’s World
  • It’s all about the money, money, money 💰

Like oil and water, sports and politics don’t mix

Rockies’ mascot Dinger is the worst

Festivus Feats of Strength

Rockies’ Daniel Bard, Dustin Johnson wins Masters

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