KSI vs Bieber, Tom Cruise or Piers Morgan among the fights fans would love to see as Hearn hints at huge celebrity bout – The Sun

FANS have called on KSI to fight the likes of Piers Morgan, Justin Bieber, Freddie Flintoff and even Ricky Gervais following his points win against Logan Paul.

The YouTuber claimed a split decision victory against the American over the weekend after their amateur bout ended in a draw in Manchester last year.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed that six major celebrities are keen to face the British star, leaving fans to speculate who the 26-year-old could face next.

In an interview with Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, KSI claimed he would destroy pop sensation Bieber, and even called out the former Britain's Got Talent judge.

Speaking of the Canadian, KSI said: "If Justin Bieber actually wants to fight me then we’ll make it happen. Justin Bieber, I’d destroy him. It’d be nothing.

“This boy doesn’t know how to fight or anything combat, so let him just stick to singing. I destroyed Logan Paul, why would I fight Justin Bieber?”

GMB presenter Susanna Reid then asked KSI if he would be willing to face Morgan, to which he said: "I think that would be a lovely fight. I’m very down for that. I think that should happen in a few weeks time."

Morgan snapped back, insisting: "I would crush you like a mat."

KSI responded by saying: "Come on then!"

Weighing in on the potential match-up, one fan tweeted: "Oh Piers- behave! He’ll crush you like a grape."


Another said: "Piers would f*** that punk up."

A third quipped: "KSI? He's no @JeremyClarkson that's for sure."

Speaking of Morgan, one commented: "I’m so sick of this man can KSI fight him next."

But fans seem keen on seeing KSI face Bieber, as one said: "Now we need KSI Vs Justin Bieber."

A second added: "KSI can you fight Justin Bieber in a boxing match."

Bieber called out actor Tom Cruise in the summer, with it suggested that the 57-year-old could entertain a fight against the singer inside the Octagon.

With KSI interested in a clash against Bieber, he could very well be keen on a mouthwatering match-up against Cruise.

But one fan has thrown up Freddie Flintoff's name, with the cricket legend boasting a 1-0 record in boxing following his bout in 2012.


He simply stated: "Who wins in KSI V Freddie Flintoff?"

While another predicted KSI could face a former X Factor contestant, as he tweeted: "Next years fight: James Arthur vs. KSI."

Another joked: "KSI vs Ricky Gervais for the WBC cubic zirconia belt."

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