Mason Greenwood in fresh blow as he's filmed inhaling hippy crack weeks before England debut shame

ENGLAND’S Mason Greenwood is caught on camera inhaling hippy crack.

The Man United ace, 18, was seen filling a balloon with nitrous oxide from a canister as he partied with a female pal.

Greenwood last night admitted poor judgment and said he’d been made aware of the health risks.

It comes after he was sent home on his debut for romping with a girl in the England team hotel in Iceland.

A source said Greenwood inhaled the gas in a Manchester apartment a few weeks ago, with the film put on Snapchat.

It shows the striker in beanie hat, T-shirt and shorts on a chair with the balloon at his lips as he inhales. A female pal in ripped jeans is seen next to him.

Two Smartwhip whipped-cream chargers — packed with large amounts of gas — are on a table.

Inhaling nitrous oxide comes at the risk of heart attacks and brain damage, while prolonged use can lead to memory loss and vitamin deficiency.


A source who handed us the video said: “Mason often goes to the apartment after nights out and likes to have a good time.

“But he should know better given he’s a top sportsman.

“He has been a bit silly doing it, and especially allowing it to be videoed.

"A lot of people around Manchester are doing it at parties — quite a lot are Mason’s age.

“The canister looks like a really big one where you’d get much more laughing gas in one hit. You can get as many as 20 hits in one go.

"This was Mason and his friend getting together and having what they thought was a laugh.

"But he has learned a few hard lessons recently and this could be another one.”

Tonight in a statement issued through Man United, the youngster said: “I have now been made aware of the health risks associated with this practice — and accept that even trying it, as shown in these historical pictures, was poor judgment on my part.

“I strongly urge others not to follow my example.

“As an 18 year old I am learning all the time. However this week I’ve also learned that I will be judged to a higher standard because of my career, and I must respect that in future.

"I am determined to repay the faith shown in me by my manager and coaches.”

Greenwood follows a string of footballers who have been caught up in hippy crack scandals.

In 2018 The Sun revealed Arsenal footballers passed out inhaling the substance from ­balloons in a West End club.

And Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish was caught in 2016.

It is a criminal offence to supply nitrous oxide to get high but not to possess it. It is not banned as it has medical uses.

I am determined to repay the faith shown in me by my manager and coaches.

Drug advice website Frank says: “If you take too much you risk falling unconscious and/or suffocating from the lack of oxygen.

“It can be hard to judge the amount to use safely.”

Smartwhip chargers power the whipped-cream dispensers for cakes, drinks and desserts.

The firm says its chargers are designed to have larger amounts of nitrous oxide “for a time-saving refill process”.

Canisters like those seen in Greenwood’s apartment were today selling on eBay for £43.

Revellers snapping them up have caused industry shortages.

Chris Palmers, of catering supplier Carrick whose clients include TV shows Bake Off and MasterChef, is working with police to identify rogue buyers.

He said: “I got into this business so coffee shops could put whipped cream on their hot chocolate.

"Now they are using nitrous oxide bottles at raves and parties and they leave them scattered everywhere. It’s a huge problem for my industry.”

Balloons filled with nitrous oxide from smaller canisters can be bought for £2, often online.

The substance has been linked to at least 25 deaths since 2010, with MPs calling for limits on its use.

Greenwood has also been blasted this week for allegedly holding rowdy lockdown parties at a separate address he rented through Airbnb.

Manchester United are said to be investigating after a bash kept neighbours awake on August 28.

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