Nadal vs Zverev LIVE RESULT: Spaniard LOSES 2-6, 4-6 to reigning champion in ATP finals opener – The Sun

RAFAEL NADAL was outplayed in London as he suffered a shock opening defeat to Alexander Zverev.

German Zverev is the reigning champion and showed he won't be relinquishing his title easily at the O2 Arena.


    NADAL 2-6 4-6 ZVEREV

    Ace out wide. Perfect start.

    But then Zverev nets a high backhand. 15-15.

    The German comes in again and leaves a Rafa forehand which goes just long. 30-15.

    And then a clean winner up the line brings up two match points…

    First serve in, return long!

    And that's it – it's all over.

    Zverev has beaten Nadal. In fact, he has outplayed Nadal. You don't say that too often.

  • NADAL 2-6 4-5 ZVEREV*

    Here we go then…

    Pressure on? You bet!

  • NADAL 2-6 4-5 ZVEREV*

    Nadal is 15-0 up but then is easily picked off at the net. And at 30-15 he goes long. This is not the Rafael Nadal we are used to seeing, at all…

    That's more like it. A big forehand means Zverev goes long and he finishes off the game.

    When they come off their chairs, Zverev will serve for the match.

    Remember, he has never beaten Nadal – he trails 5-0 on the head-to-head record…

  • NADAL* 2-6 3-5 ZVEREV

    Zverev flashes a forehand just wide on the first point.

    He gets of trouble with more big hitting and gets to 40-30 with a Nadal-esque one-two with a strong serve and punchy forehand into the opposite corner.


    Zverev closes out the game with an absolutely bonkers forehand up the line. He was so far out wide and hit a 105MPH CLEAN WINNER.

  • NADAL 2-6 3-4 ZVEREV*

    Finally a hawk eye goes Rafa's way as his serve out wide at 15-15 is shown to catch the tramline.

    He gets to 40-15 but Zverev flashes a 99mph forehand return back past him before he can finish his grunt.

    At 40-30, another hawk eye challenge proves Nadal found the edge of the line again.

    He keeps within touching distance…

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