Roy Jones Jr to insure his EARS ahead of Mike Tyson fight after infamous bite on Evander Holyfield

ROY JONES JR is taking no chances against Mike Tyson and will insure his EARS for their September exhibition fight.

Tyson famously bit a chunk out of heavyweight rival Evander Holyfield's lughole in their 1997 rematch that saw him disqualified.

Now Jones, 51, is taking protection out to prevent a repeat of those shameful scenes when he squares off against Iron Mike.

Tyson and Holyfield have settled their differences since and are now good pals as they both embark on boxing comebacks.

According to Russia Today, Jones Jr's manager Zsolt Barna says he deems it necessary to insure against a “possible extraordinary case” of Tyson chomping down an ear once again.

Barna "is anticipating a repeat" of Tyson's shameful actions all those years ago against Holyfield.

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But Jones Jr and Barna might have to be more wary of a KO than an ear-bite.

Tyson has insisted he is looking for a stoppage next month – even though it's against the rules.

It is an eight-round exhibition bout that will take place in California.

Both of the fighters have been told not to go for a knockout win – but Tyson has other ideas.

When asked if he will be hunting for a KO, Tyson told TMZ: "If the opportunity comes, I'm always looking for it."

Before the tanked-up veteran added: "This is search and destroy and I'm looking forward to recapturing my glory."

Commission executive director Andy Foster has told the pair to "spar hard" but to refrain from hurting each other.

Seemingly, Tyson hasn't got the memo.

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