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EX-FOOTBALLER Ryan Giggs was an idol on the pitch but an abusive "gaslighter" of his ex-girlfriend in his private life, a court heard.

Behind Giggs public persona the former Manchester United and Wales international footballer, accused of headbutting his ex-girlfriend, had a "much uglier and more sinister side to his character", Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester heard.

Jurors were told the 48-year-old's private life involved a "litany of abuse, both physical and psychological, of a woman he professed to love".

Giggs denies using controlling and coercive behaviour against ex-girlfriend, PR executive, Kate Greville between August 2017 and November 2020.

He has also pleaded not guilty to assaulting the 36-year-old, causing her actual bodily harm, and of the common assault of her younger sister, Emma Greville, at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1 2020.

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  • Joseph Gamp

    Sketch: Ryan Giggs watching police video of ex-girlfriend Kate Greville giving evidence

    The below court artist sketch shows former footballer Giggs at Manchester Crown Court watching ex-girlfriend Kate Greville giving evidence on police video.

    Giggs is accused of controlling and coercive behaviour against Ms Greville between August 2017 and November 2020. 

    He is also charged with assaulting Ms Greville and causing her actual bodily harm at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1, 2020 and common assault against her younger sister, Emma, in the alleged same incident.

  • Joseph Gamp

    Kate tells court she'd been 'naive to it all'

    Kate has told the court how she began to realise Ryan could be having an alleged affair during a Christmas break in Dubai.

    Ms Greville continued: "Then we went to Dubai for Christmas and now I know he was in a relationship with two other girls. 

    "This Zara started messaging me and asked to follow me on Instagram. 

    "I knew he'd been seeing her so I split up with him. This is when it started to ramp up. 

    "Even though I had no proof and he hadn't admitted it, I just knew. At the time, I'd just been naive to it all. 

  • Joseph Gamp

    Giggs' ex claims footballer was seeing two other girls at same time

    Ms Greville has told how things got "really bad" for Ryan and ex-wife Stacey – but she eventually found out he had allegedly been seeing two other girls at same time.

    The court heard: "Around Christmas time 2018 it started to get really bad with Stacey.

    "I was trying to talk about it but he would shut me down. He would scream at me and leave my apartment, storm out.

    "If we were in the car he'd leave me in the road. Maybe I didn't say it in a great way but he would just flip so it got to the point where I just kept everything inside. There was no point.

    "That was two days before Christmas.

    "Now I know he was having an affair. He was in another relationship with someone, with two other girls at that time.

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    Kate claims she couldn't go on night out 'without being blocked'

    Ryan Giggs' ex Kate Greville says the footballer eventually forced her to stop socalising and going out.

    She said: "If I went out on a night out with my friends, if I didn't reply to him I'd either get 'rude' or he would block me.

    "The amount of times he would block me, it was regular, like every time I went out. 

    "He would accuse me saying you're obviously with someone, you're with another guy tonight. 

    "It got to the point where I wouldn't go out. All I would do is get anxious.

    "If I messaged him he'd say 'why are you messaging me, I'm out with my friends'.

    "When I asked him when we going to start a family he said he never said that. 

    "I started thinking 'have I made that up'. The reason I came back was because you said that. 

    "I came back to work for him. He set it up and said 'why don't you work for me, work for Gary, for the company'."

  • Joseph Gamp

    'Ryan's ex-wife hated me', Kate tells court

    Kate Greville told the court that she felt Giggs' ex wife "hated her"

    She said: "There was a massive problem with his ex-wife, she hated me.

    "He kept the kids very separate and would often lie to them about where he was and if he was with me.

    "It didn't feel right why he wasn't introducing me. I felt like he was making excuses. 

    "He was still saying he wanted a family because he got me to come back by saying he wanted us to have kids. 

    "Stuff didn't add up, he would tell me he was somewhere and it didn't add up."

  • Joseph Gamp

    'All the time he was still living with Stacey', Kate Greville tells court

    Kate claims Giggs told her he'd split with Stacey: "He'd tell me one thing and then I'd hear something else.

    "It all came out in May 2016. It was horrendous. I got hounded by the paps, emails from the media.

    "His ex-wife and daughter were sending me nasty messages.

    "I wanted to protect him so said nothing had gone on. 

    "Then I found out he'd lived with Stacey the whole time." 

  • Joseph Gamp

    'I was madly in love with Ryan' says Kate Greville

    Ryan Giggs' ex-girlfriend has told the court how she was "madly in love" with the former Man U star.

    She said: "He would say I was his soul mate. We would talk for hours.

    "He helped me get out of that situation."

    There were "red flags" when she ignored Giggs and he would claim "she was "f****** someone else".

    "I was madly in love with him basically," she added.

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