The Olympic rings floating above the stadium were purely special effects for TV.

By Victor Mather

How may different ways can the Olympic rings be displayed? Let’s see, you could do it with flame, luminescent shapes, costumed performers, fireworks … yeah those have all been done. With the Games coming every two years (uh, usually), original ideas must be hard to come up with.

The choice this time is forming the rings with tiny points of light. Except, the effect is only visible on TV screens. It’s completely special effects magic. In the stadium, athletes and onlookers see nothing. Hard to imagine the organizers trying that at a normal Olympics with paying spectators in the stands.

The Olympic spirit is in all of us.

A display of beautiful, luminous colours swirl together, representing the many flags of the world.

They form the Olympic Rings, a timeless symbol of unity. #StrongerTogether #Tokyo2020 #ClosingCeremony

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