Tiger Woods' mistresses reveal details of affairs in tell-all books as he nurses car crash injuries

AS he lies at home nursing a shattered ankle and fractured leg,  Tiger Woods will be hoping all his bad luck has finally run out.

But we can reveal that just a month after the golf legend was almost killed in yet another car crash, TWO of his former mistresses are writing tell-all books on the multi-millionaire.

Jamie Jungers will allege that Tiger’s marriage was a sham, he was hooked on sleeping pills and high- stakes gambling but was tight with cash — and his life went off the rails after the death of his father, Earl.

Another ex-lover, glamorous Rachel Uchitel, also plans to open up like never before about their affair.

Jamie, 38, started dating Tiger soon after he married Swedish model Elin Nordegren in October 2004.

Today she reveals that she still has feelings for the 45-year-old father of two and hopes her new book, Captured By Grace, could lead to a reunion with the star.

In an exclusive interview, she said: “I was deeply in love with Tiger.

“We were so close and used to  have intimate conversations about everything.

“He used to fly out to Las Vegas a lot, where I lived at the time, because his trainer was there.

“And every other week he would fly me to LA to visit him at his place by the ocean.

“I was there when his father died and I remember how quiet and sad he was. He didn’t cry but it was clear he was in a lot of pain.

“We have been through so much together so I would like to see him and see that he is getting past all the bad stuff we both experienced.

“I am not in love with him any more,  my feelings are more of care and concern,  but I do feel like we will cross paths eventually.

“We have both been in similar situations and have been portrayed as bad people doing bad things.

“Now we are both back on track and with this book coming out you never know what is going to happen.

“I have a ghost-writer and the book is finished, so I hope it will be out in the next month or two at the latest.

“There is a bit about Tiger, obviously, about how we met.

“I’m sure he will be curious about what’s in there and he might want to know how I’m doing, because the last time anyone heard from me I was in a really bad place.”

Tiger’s own memoir, Back, is due in shops later this year, and while he was never going to be short of material, his most recent accident will add yet another dramatic chapter.

It happened when he  was rushing to a TV job in California on the morning of February 23 and he lost control of his car.

It hit a kerb  and a tree before flipping over several times.

Tiger is considered lucky to be alive, having been pulled unconscious from the driver’s seat with blood all over his face.

Experts believe the incident has the  hallmarks of someone falling asleep at the wheel, as there were no brake marks on the road, but Los Angeles police say there is no evidence the star was impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Fellow golf aces have been wearing red — which Tiger wears in the final round of every tournament — to pay tribute following what is feared to  be a career-ending injury.

But after being released from LA’s Cedars-Sinai hospital this week, Tiger tweeted: “Happy to report that I am back home continuing my recovery.

"I am so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement that I have received over the past few weeks.

“I will be recovering at home and working on getting stronger every day.”

The accident is the latest  of several motoring incidents involving Tiger.

In 2009 he  ploughed his Cadillac Escalade into a fire hydrant, a tree and several hedges next to his £3.8million, seven-bedroom  Florida mansion after wife Elin swung a golf club at the locked car as he drove away.

She had just learned that her husband was secretly seeing Rachel, a New York nightclub hostess, the first of around a dozen mistresses who sparked the couple’s £61million divorce settlement in 2010.

This week, when asked to give an interview about her affair with Tiger, 46-year-old Rachel told our reporter: “I’m working on a book about this, thanks.”

Then in 2017, Tiger was found guilty of reckless driving after being caught asleep at the wheel of his stationary car, having mixed alcohol with prescription pills.

However, it was during a much calmer period in Tiger’s life when Jamie first met him,  when he was feted as one of the best — and best-paid — athletes in the world.

She told The Sun on Sunday: “I was working for a charity called the Las Vegas Angels and we were having a party at a club called Light.

“Tiger was there with his friends and sent the VIP host to try to get me to join their table. I told the host to bring him to ours.

“We got on fairly well and the next week he called me and said, ‘Do you want to come to watch the Chicago Open?’

“I was like, ‘OK’, and he flew me out that weekend, which was surreal, as my ex-fiancé idolised Tiger.

"A month or two into seeing him, I started to fall in love.

“We spent so much time together and he used to ask me to help him memorise the lines for his commercials.

“We talked about our families a lot and he seemed like a really nice guy and very goal-driven.

“He was a much more serious and sober guy back then,  always focused on the next game.

“If we went out clubbing he would just have a few drinks and we would often be in bed by 11pm.

“The only issue he had was that he took Ambien [sleeping pills] at night. I think he suffered from insomnia because he had so much going on in his life. But it never affected him the next day.

“He used to pick me up from Los Angeles airport and he was a fast driver but never seemed out of control.”

Jamie still remembers the day she found out Tiger was married.

She said: “We were at his place in LA and I ended up signing for a delivery of his wedding pictures while he was in the shower.

“I only looked at the first picture. It was the two of them together and I didn’t want to see any more.

“I went downstairs and said, ‘Is there something you want to tell me?’ I handed the photos to him and he said, ‘Yeah, I’m married’.

“He acted like it wasn’t a big deal and I eventually came to realise that he seemed to treat it as a marriage of convenience.

"Tiger needed to have a wife for his image, but Elin was back in Sweden and was never around.”

Jamie was still with Tiger in 2006 when his dad, former Lieutenant Colonel Earl Woods — the driving force behind his career — died from a heart attack aged 74.

Three months later Jamie and Tiger separated and she later became addicted to opiates.

But she is now almost two years sober and works as a manager at a children’s dentists in Overland Park, Kansas, close to where she was raised.

She recalled: “Tiger and I separated because I was still living with my ex.

"Then  I asked him to help me get my own place, because my relationship with my ex had deteriorated so much. This was a weekend when he was at the MGM Grand hotel  in Vegas.

"I wasn’t expecting a mansion, but Tiger said he couldn’t do anything for me.

“I said, ‘If you really cared, you’d help’, and I left him there and then.

“He called me ten minutes later and I thought he was going to agree to help but he wouldn’t.

“So I hung up and  I changed my number immediately. I haven’t talked to him since.

“I don’t know how things would have worked out if we had stayed together but I knew it wasn’t a normal relationship.

“Tiger changed as a person after his father died.

“His dad was his idol and it destroyed him. After that his life started spiralling out of control.”

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