Two-time world darts champion Peter Wrights age, net worth and marriage

Peter Wright is a Scottish professional darts player who is currently ranked No 2 in the world darts rankings and the reigning two-time champion.

Nicknamed 'Snakebite' for his love of snakes, the darts player once quit the sport in his twenties and went on to work as a builder and tyre fitter.

He returned to darts two decades later, shortly before his 40th birthday, and became a double World Darts champion.

Here's a look at his career, net worth and salary as well as his relationship with hairdresser wife Joanne who convinced him to return to the sport.

Who is Peter Wright and how old is he?

Peter Wright is a Scottish professional darts player from Livingston.

The 52-year-old was born in Scotland, but moved to London at the age of five.

Wright, who competed in the 1995 BDO World Championships at Lakeside, quit professional darts after finding things hard going.

Going on to work as a builder and tyre fitter from his twenties, he returned to the sport after watching the Grand Slam of Darts on TV.

Wright recalled: "I was saying to Jo 'I can beat him', 'I can beat him', 'I can beat him' and then Jo said, 'why don't you give it a shot?'

How many times has Peter Wright won darts world championship?

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After returning to professional darts, Peter Wright has not looked back.

Though he only "earned £1,200 in the first year", Wright persisted and went on to win two world titles in three years.

In 2020, he won three big titles – including the Worlds – further establishing himself one of the most charismatic figures in the sport.

He was World Matchplay champion in 2021 and a previous UK Open, European Championship, Players Championship and Masters winner.

Who is Peter Wright's wife?

Hairdresser Joanne Wright, who is the brains behind her husband's colourful hair in every match, was also responsible for his return to professional darts.

Persuading her husband to give darts another go while they watched the Grand Slam of Darts on television, Joanne is also responsible for keeping his spending habits in check.

The pair have three children together – daughters Naomi and Jessie and son Tristan. His entire family has embraced Peter's chosen career and is very supportive of him on social media.

What is Peter Wright's salary?

Peter Wright may be living the dream, but doesn't live too glamorously.

The two-time world champion, who earned £500,000 after winning the World Championship, has shared that he's a spender rather than a saver.

However, he explains that tries "not to squander" his huge earnings, adding: "Jo thinks I try to. As I say, I might not be here tomorrow. She thinks I have to have a new phone every month. I like to buy silly gadgets off Amazon for the house that end up being absolute rubbish, like all these Alexa devices to make things easier. I don’t expect a reply because Jo told her not to!"

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So despite earning big from his success at darts, he maintains a low-key lifestyle with wife Joanne being in charge of his bank account and even taking Pot Noodles on tour.

What is Peter Wright's net worth?

After his initial days in professional darts, Peter Wright was earning only £14 a week as he began job hopping and doing whatever work he could find.

Times have definitely changed for the pro darts champion. He went into the PDC world championship with a sizeable net worth of £3.3million.

He then added £500,000 to this by winning the top prize at the Ally Pally.

Considering all the championships he has won, it's likely that will win more big money prizes before he retires.

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