Tyson Fury claims Anthony Joshua rejected £64m to fight Wilder and would be ‘put unconscious in round one’ if pair met – The Sun

TYSON FURY has claimed Anthony Joshua rejected a £64million pay-day to fight Deontay Wilder – saying the American would have put the Brit "unconscious in round one".

The Gypsy King, 31, has piled praise on "warrior, beast, lion" Wilder, as he revealed his incredible respect for the Bronze Bomber.

But amongst the praise, Fury revealed he has proof Joshua rejected the chance to fight Wilder, now 34, because he was 'scared'.

Fury told IFL TV: "I have got to give it to [Wilder], he has got the bottle… he wanted to fight the best.

"When I was out of the ring, retired, he tried to fight Joshua twice, it was going on for ages, we all know that.

"They offered him $80million for a two-fight deal, and I know a few people who saw proof of funds – people who I definitely trust and he refused it.

"I don’t think they are going to get any bigger pay-days than that. They refused it because they were scared of getting chinned by the Bronze Bomber."

Fury continued by saying AJ would have absolutely no chance against the American star.

He continued: "Wilder beats Joshua 100,000,000 per cent. Wilder beats Joshua, Whyte, Jarrell Miller…

"One touch from the Bronze Bomber and their faces are gone forever.

"Wilder would do to Whyte and Joshua what he did to Dominc Breazleale… he would put them unconscious in round one.

"They do not have the skills that I have got, this cannot be touched.

"I just want to see them fight because they keep calling Wilder this and that but they have no defence and as soon as he touches them, they are gone.

"Could they walk him down without any feints or footwork? Please.

"They will be 44 and 45 on his record, I would back Wilder to knock them out for sure."

Fury was full of praise for Wilder, despite beating him in February and edging their controversial draw in 2018.

The Gypsy King added: "Wilder is a beast, he is a lion and a king, a heavyweight world champ…

"Anyone who writes him off is a mug, he will wipe the floor with every other heavyweight out there, apart from myself and Oleksandr Usyk.

"Only us two could deal with Wilder but if he hits either of us clean we would be into next week.

"In my book, Wilder is already a legendary heavyweight and will go down as one of the greats of our generation.

"Losing one fight to me, the world’s greatest heavyweight doesn’t mean a thing, I never disrespected him.

"He has my respect as a competitor and a human and I would always take him for a beer anytime, no matter what happens in the third fight.

"I will always admire and respect him for what he has done for his team and family.

"I want to fight the trilogy because there hasn’t been a heavyweight one since Riddick Bowe and Evander Holyfield days.

"Also, I owe him, because he stepped up to the plate and gave me the chance, twice.

"He have me a shot at the title and we both made more money than we ever have before so he has been a good talker and held his end of the bargain.

"I don’t feel I will ever get a better dance partner than Deontay Wilder because he could walk the walk, talk the talk and definitely shake the shake."

Despite all the praise, Fury concluded that he doesn't consider Wilder a friend.

He said: "I wouldn’t say we are friends because we have tried to knocked each others’ faces in.

"But we have been good to each other over the years."

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