11 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Leanne’s fight to save Oliver and Paul's downward spiral

LEANNE Battersby sets out on a mission to get her son Oliver treated in Germany next week in Coronation Street after doctors suggest turning off his life support. 

Here’s the lowdown on Leanne’s fight to save her son and everything else that’s happening on the cobbles next week…

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1. Leanne and Steve receive devastating news

Leanne and Steve are left reeling when the doctor break the news that they’ve had to up Oliver’s sedation again as his seizures are getting out of control.

Leanne can’t believe it when the doctor adds that life support is the only thing keeping the youngster alive.

2. Leanne is defiant 

Leanne tells Nick, Steve and Tracy that she won’t give up on Oliver and that she’ll do whatever it takes to keep him alive. 

And Leanne is hopeful when the consultant reveals to Steve and Leanne that another specialist is coming over to assess Oliver and give a second opinion. 

But her hopes are shattered when the specialist confirms that Oliver will never be able to breathe unaided and that it’s time to talk about switching off his life support.

A devastated Leanne breaks down and angrily accuses the consultant of giving up on her son, before adding that she’s found a hospital in Germany willing to treat Oliver.

3. Leanne lies to a doctor in Germany

Later, Leanne and Steve facetime the doctor in Germany, but Steve is worried when Leanne downplays how seriously ill Oliver is. 

Leanne refuses to listen to Steve and is overjoyed when the doctor says he’ll treat Oliver. 

Later, a defeated Steve tells Tracy and Emma about the £500,000 needed for Oliver’s treatment in Germany. 

But Tracy urges Steve to talk some sense into Leanne and later, after he reasons with her, Leanne calls the doctor and gives an honest account of Oliver’s case. 

Will he still agree to treat OliveR?

4. Paul struggles to cope with Kel’s death

When Billy tells Paul about the body that’s been found in the river – and that he thinks it might be Kel’s – Paul is distraught and storms out. 

Later, Billy finds Paul drinking in Victoria Gardens and after quizzing him about his feelings, realises that Paul isn’t coping with the news. 

Bernie, meanwhile, is delighted that Kel is dead.

5. Billy makes a dangerous accusation

When Billy later quizzes Paul about whether he had anything to do with Kel’s murder, Paul becomes defensive. 

Craig calls at the flower shop and reveals that they’re not looking for anyone in connection to Kel’s death as it was accidental. 

Paul watches Billy’s reaction, and is hurt to realise that Billy genuinely thought he’d murdered Kel. 

6. Sally puts a good word in for Abi

There’s tension between Abi and Debbie when they’re alone together as Kevin takes Jack off to an athletics event.

Sally tells Debbie that Abi loves Kevin and deserves her approval. 

7. Abi opens up to Debbie

Meanwhile, Abi phones Peter and tells him that all she can think about is getting a fix. 

Later, unaware of Abi’s antics, Debbie apologises to Abi and suggests they start over.

Abi comes clean and tells Debbie about the morphine incident in the hospital that’s left her fighting her demons again.

8. Abi tells Kevin

Later, Abi tells Peter she came clean to Debbie and that she encouraged her to tell Kevin.

Debbie suggests she takes Jack out to give Abi and Kevin some time on their own. 

As they’re getting lunch in Speed Daal, Abi announces she’s got something to tell him and admits that she stole some morphine from the hospital and that she's a recovering drug addict.

How will Kevin take the news?

9. David grows suspicious

Shona and David return after spending the night together at Ray’s hotel following the sinkhole catastrophe in David’s garden.

Ray tells David he’s welcome to stay for as long as he needs – and that he’s happy to recommend a builder. 

David is grateful as Ray continues to offer his assistance but when he offers to ask a developer friend of his to buy the house for full asking price, David grows suspicious.

10. David despairs

Later, David tells Shona that he’s spoken to the house insurance company and that, unless there’s some structural damage to the house, they won’t pay out.

To make matters worse, David later learns that he’s responsible for the sinkhole in the garden – and that it’ll probably cost a whopping £20,000 to fix. 

11. Shona surprises David

Later, Sarah is gutted when David tells her he has no choice but to sell the house.

But David is shocked when Shona calls around and tells him how much she enjoyed the other night – and that she feels ready to move back in with him.

Given that the house might be able to jog Shona’s memory and help her remember her own life, will David go to extreme lengths to find the money to fix it?

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