A Discovery of Witches’ Adelle Leonce on interpretation of Phoebe It’s terrifying

A Discovery Of Witches season 3 trailer from Sky

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A Discovery of Witches has brought together a star-studded cast over the course of its three seasons. Adelle Leonce joined the show back in season two and is returning as Phoebe Taylor for the final chapter on Sky Max and NOW. Express.co.uk discussed the third season with Leonce, along with the changes she made to Phoebe compared to the original books.

A Discovery of Witches season three is finally here, adapting the third and final book in author Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy.

The final season is set to be the most action-packed and dramatic yet, as it condenses the epic last book into seven explosive episodes.

While the show has always remained faithful to the source material, changes had to be made to best adapt it for the screen. 

This can present the stars with some significant challenges, as they need to find the right balance between the character on the page and the character on the screen.

This was a challenge Phoebe Taylor star Adelle Leonce had to get to grips with when she joined the show in season two.

Back again for the third season, Express.co.uk caught up with the star to discuss some of the changes Leonce brought to Phoebe.

Leonce explained: “It’s always difficult when you’re coming into a series based on a book.

“As an actor, you sort of have to make your own decision on where you lie, I took all the information, all the energy of Phoebe and spoke really closely with [Deborah Harkness].

“I had to just roll with my interpretation of Phoebe while trying to respect Deb’s views.

“It’s terrifying because so many different people have their own opinion on the character.

“Even the description of Phoebe is just not me, but you just have to own the fact that you’ve been picked to do this part and roll with it.”

Leonce went on to explain how Phoebe has changed between seasons two and three, and where viewers should expect to find her when the show returns.

Leonce added: “Phoebe has always been certain with where she wants to go, and she’s always been strong-willed.

“That carries on in the third season and what we do get to see is how she deals with work.

“This brings her closer to the Clairmont family, so you’ll get to see how she works closely with Diana (played by Teresa Palmer) and Matthew (Matthew Goode).

“On top of that we get to see her blossom with Marcus (Edward Bluemel), and that comes with its problems and difficulties.”

At the end of season two, Matthew and Diana told Marcus and Phoebe that they were returning to the present day.

Where this leads the pair remains to be seen, but it seems likely that their relationship will stay strong by the end.

Of course, Leonce hinted at some trouble ahead for the couple, so fans should expect their romance to hit a few bumps down the road.

A Discovery of Witches will premiere on January 7 on Sky Max and NOW. A USA release date is yet to be confirmed.

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