A Place in the Sun buyer WALKS OUT halfway through viewing ‘Draw a line on this one

A Place In The Sun: Couple unhappy with remote location of villa

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A Place in the Sun was in Italy on Tuesday’s episode as house hunters Laura and Matt hoped to find their dream holiday home in the Tuscan countryside. Armed with a budget of £180,000, Channel 4 presenter Scarlette Douglas guided the couple around several properties in a bid to find their perfect match. However, the property expert got a surprise when Laura and Matt walked out of one house without completing the viewing.

Scarlette toured Matt and Laura around numerous properties in Tuscany, Italy in the hopes of finding them a holiday home.

The couple noted that they were looking for a property with two to three bedrooms so their adult children could visit too.

The house hunters also highlighted that outside space and views were on their wish list as well.

Property expert Scarlette had a challenge on her hands but was determined to help Matt and Laura achieve their dream.

She first took the couple to an apartment with two bedrooms, however, it was well over budget.

Scarlette revealed that the property was priced at around £214,000, but noted that this was negotiable.

However, Matt and Laura didn’t seem too impressed with the apartment and suggested they’d prefer to have more space.

“It feels a little bit dark,” Laura remarked, before requesting to see a three-bedroom house next instead.

The second property made a better impression on the couple as it was a semi-detached house with three bedrooms and a private garden.

“It looks ready to move in,” Matt said, commenting on the interior.

Laura agreed: “I could really picture the whole family here.”

This time Scarlette had found a holiday home that fits their budget as it was on the market for just over £169,500.

It seemed as though Scarlette was heading in the right direction with the search until she took Laura and Matt to the third property.

She began showing the house hunters around a large house which was on the market for around £187,500.

However, despite the property fulfilling many of Laura and Matt’s requests, Scarlette realised there was something they weren’t happy about.

After only viewing a few rooms in the house, the presenter asked: “I am sensing that you’re not as elated as you were with the previous one.”

“I think inside the house it’s really nice,” Matt said.

“But, I think it’s more that if it was a permanent move then it would be more suitable,” Laura added.

“It’s really remote,” Matt remarked, with Laura agreeing that the location was the issue.

Matt continued: “The location is a little bit of an issue. We don’t mind driving to sort of amenities, shops, that’s fine.

“But, it feels like you come off some very remote roads, down a remote track into the woods.

“It just feels disconnected,” he explained.

Scarlette said: “So, obviously this is where the heart and the head one of them is going to win over.

“Do you want to keep looking around this one?” she asked.

“I think we’ve probably drawn a line on this one,” Matt said, indicating he wanted to end the viewing.

“It’s location. The house is lovely, but it’s location. So, I think it will be a no,” Laura said.

As a result, the couple walked away from the property without finishing the full viewing.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 4 pm on Channel 4.

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