A really big shock Ben Shephard opens up on struggling with loss of very close friend

GMB: Ben opens up on his grief after losing a close friend

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Richard Coles was talking about his new book, Murder Before Evensong, but the Good Morning Britain hosts were keen to hear how he was doing following the death of his spouse in 2019. As the reverend spoke about coping with grief, Ben Shephard said he has struggled recently following the death of a friend.

Ben began: “I lost a very close friend recently, a really big shock out of the blue.

“It was another friend who said grief is a bit like a wave. It hits you suddenly and then it dissipates.

“Then it comes back out of nowhere and it hits you again.”

The Good Morning Britain presenter continued: “That’s certainly something I experience.

“There will be a little moment when all of a sudden I’m floored by a picture that comes up or a tune that suddenly comes on the radio that reminds me of my friend we lost so dramatically.

“And, I’m stuck in that grief, well, not stuck in the grief but in the middle of that grief, in the rawness.”

Kate asked the reverend: “Do you still feel that with your loss?”

“Yeah, I mean, at first what you think is this is something you want to get over, as if it’s a cold,” Richard replied.

“But it’s not a cold, it’s much more like losing a limb so it’s something you’ve got to get used to living with and that means you’re going to limp forever, so life will be different.”

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