Alexandra Burke in SAS Who Dares Wins favouritism storm as stars complain over her close relationship with Ant Middleton

SINGER Alexandra Burke found herself at the centre of a favouritism storm on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

The X Factor winner’s co-stars and crew members have complained about Ant Middleton’s relationship with her.

Ant, 40, surprised viewers last week by referring to Alexandra by her surname rather than her number.

And in last night’s episode of the Channel 4 hit he and his team named her as the strongest recruit.

Show insiders claimed that off-screen Ant seemed to favour Alexandra, 33.

A source said: “Ant appeared to take a shine to Alexandra on SAS and it didn’t go unnoticed by the show’s stars and the crew.

“The show is known for being gruelling and incredibly tough — and Ant is known for never going easy on anyone.

“But from the word go the others thought he treated Alexandra differently.

“During filming he would be seen taking her to one side for a chat and, at points, they’d even take their microphones off so no one could hear what they were saying.

“Some of the other celebs complained that she was getting special treatment.

“Alexandra seemed a bit oblivious to the extra attention she was getting but it did annoy those around her.”

Ant was sacked following this series.

It was said he had used “inappropriate comments” during filming for the civilian version of SAS.

A representative for Middleton said the allegations were wrong and insisted Ant was “always disciplined and utterly professional”.

A spokeswoman for Channel 4 said: "The course is as tough and exacting for all recruits, both celebrity and civilian.

"The role of the DS is to push every recruit to their limits and then to build them back up and motivate them to go as far as they can on the course."

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